Gang rape: right in the hotel, 5 tourists attacked a young vacationer

Gang rape: 5 tourists attacked a young vacationer right in the hotel

Another scandal with sexual overtones is unfolding in Cyprus: a young British tourist reported that she was raped a group of men in a hotel room, after which the police arrested five tourists. According to the Cypriot press, five vacationers from Israel have already been arrested on charges.

As stated by the victim, five attacked her right in the same hotel where she was resting. All five have been detained pending clarification and are due to appear before a court in the city of Famagusta. “All five were detained overnight in a cell after being charged. We have not given their age, but we can confirm that they are all young,” said a Nicosia police spokesman. For the time being, those arrested will remain in custody so that the police can continue their investigations into the incident. So far, the five Israelis have denied the allegations.

Recall that earlier a court in Rethymnon (Crete, Greece) sentenced two Pakistani men aged 27 and 24 to life imprisonment for gang rape. Thus ended an investigation into an incident in July 2022, when two men immobilized and sequentially raped an 18-year-old British tourist on a beach in Rethymnon. Although lawyers are trying to appeal this decision, the Greek media emphasize that the country has embarked on a tough fight against sexually anxious people. Read more at this link.

By the way, tourists often commit sexual crimes in Greece. In a hotel in the famous resort, a tourist was gang-raped, and the rapists filmed it on video. It all happened in the resort of Rethymno on the Greek island of Crete. According to the local press, a 24-year-old British tourist turned to the police. She stated that two 19-year-olds, also British and tourists, took advantage of her drunken state in her hotel room, raped her and filmed everything. Moreover, the police have not yet found out whether all the participants knew each other before the crime. Read the details in this material.

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