German tourists came to Russia and were shocked by 4 things

German tourists came to Russia and were shocked by 4 things

German tourists came to Russia and faced several things, which surprised, shocked and even outraged them. A Russian woman who invited guests from Germany spoke about the difference in mentalities and norms of behavior in her Zen channel.

Not being able to visit friends in Germany last year, as she usually does, the Russian woman invited them to her place along with a familiar German couple. Herman and Marie have never been to Russia, but have long dreamed of seeing its vast expanses. The impression was somewhat spoiled by some situations and norms, as well as the outrageous behavior of the Russian people by the standards of Germany.

First of all, the Germans were surprised by the ban on drinking alcohol in public places, including on the streets and in parks. In Germany, you can buy beer from the age of 16, and drinking restrictions apply only in public transport and at some stations. When Marie invited the Russian woman to drink beer on the embankment and was refused, the German woman was very surprised.

“But why? After all, we will behave civilly and decently, we will not interfere with anyone. Do all Russians only drink at home? What difference does it make if I sit with a beer on the street in a cafe or just on a bench? What is the meaning of such a law? the German tourist asked.

The explanation that the law prevents disorderly conduct, the appearance of sleeping drunks on benches and the threat to vacationers from drunken people surprised Marie even more. In Germany, such situations are basically impossible, because no one gets drunk that much.

Similar was the reaction of the Germans to the laws in force in the region, prohibiting the sale of alcohol after 9 pm and on holidays. What is the logic of the prescription to drink only on weekdays and during the day, it turned out to be very difficult for tourists from Germany to explain. Therefore, the Russian woman decided to just laugh it off and remind the guests that in their country, most shops close by 9 pm in principle.

The second outrageous thing seemed to the Germans the constant noise and music from cars under the windows of their girlfriend's house. At first, the tourists thought that some kind of holiday with music was taking place near the house, but, having understood the situation, they were shocked. “That is, you can’t drink alcohol culturally, but is it possible to make noise 24 hours a day under the windows? You have some strange rules…” Herman was surprised.

In response, the Russian woman explained that there is no law in the country that prohibits making noise and listening to music loudly during the day. You can go out and ask to turn it down, but this is unlikely to give a result. In Germany, the laws are much stricter: there are heavy fines for breaking the silence.

The third situation that angered German tourists occurred in the queue. More precisely – in all the lines in which Herman and Marie found themselves. Guests from Germany did not like the fact that many try to skip the line, demonstrating disrespect for others. The Germans are much more disciplined in this regard.

The last thing that shocked the Germans in Russia was the crush in public transport. A trip by train to one of the museums in the suburbs was a real test for Herman and Marie. There are a lot of people, grandmothers, carrying buckets and large bags to the dachas and … literally knocking the Germans off their feet in order to have time to take empty seats for themselves and their bags.

“This is simply outrageous, there are no other words! I have the same right to take a seat. Did this woman pay for three tickets at once, since she occupied a whole row? – Marie was indignant, who had to drive standing for an hour and a half.

Thus, things familiar to Russians may well turn out to be unacceptable for foreign tourists and spoil the impression of Russia. Although the trip was generally good for them.

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