German tourists change orientation: this summer will be different

German tourists are changing their orientation: this summer will be different

German tourists are changing their orientation: this summer will be different – more than half of German tourists will go on vacation only within their country, and more than three-quarters will choose the most economical vacation than usual. Such statistics were shown by a survey of the research firm Forsa 1,500 people for the insurance company Cosmos Direkt. The objective reality in the form of frenzied inflation and rising food prices, as well as the fear of the coming winter, when huge sums will have to be spent on heating, makes the Germans change their orientation: many will stay at home, and those who still go abroad will save a lot.

In general, according to the survey, the Germans do not plan to give up vacation – 68% said they plan to go on vacation this year. Only 28% said they would stay at home. However, the preferences of those who go to rest have changed a lot. So, 51% will choose domestic tourism and stay in Germany. For the rest of the countries, preferences were distributed as follows: 16% went to Italy, 13% to Spain, and 11% each to Austria and France.

At the same time, 61% of respondents would prefer traveling by private car, and only 30% would fly by plane. Also, probably, in order to save money and nerves in the conditions of the air chaos that has covered Europe.

German tourists themselves admit that when choosing a vacation they will act more “focusing on the price” due to the high price increase. And 78% said that they reduce the cost of their vacation relative to the usual and are ready to save. By the way, we recall that Turkey was named the most budgetary country for German tourists (details here), but it was not included in the list.

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