Germany noted the influx of foreign students: Russia took 5th place

Germany noted the influx of foreign students: Russia took 5th place

Educational tourism is gaining momentum in Germany again. This conclusion follows from the data of Erudera, the first educational search platform supported by artificial intelligence. According to statistics, the number of international students increased by four percent during the winter semester 2021/2022, reaching a peak of 27.400 students. At the same time, Russian students took only 5th place in terms of influx.

According to the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), international students, including those attending a single course or module in a particular country, showed more interest in this issue this year than a year earlier. However, despite a 4% surge – 1,096 students in numbers – the number of international students has decreased by 26% compared to the pre-Covid level, when 37,200 students came to Germany.

The total number of foreign students in Germany is 416,437 people, and 324.729 i.e. 78% of them are international students and 91.708 are local. In addition, the data showed that from 2014 to 2021, the number of international students increased by 38.1%.

The main education tourism markets in Germany

China and India are the main sources of students in Germany. Russia is in fifth place with 10,573 students who went to a European country to study during the specified period of time.

Thus, the 13 leading countries in terms of the number of students in Germany are as follows:

  1. China – 40.122 people
  2. India – 28.542 people
  3. Syria – 16.931 people
  4. Austria – 13.612 people
  5. Russia – 10.573 people
  6. Iran – 10.561 people
  7. Turkey – 10.018 people
  8. Italy – 8.576 people
  9. Cameroon – 7.970 people
  10. Tunisia – 6.729 people
  11. Ukraine – 6.572 people
  12. France – 6,532 people
  13. USA – 4,755 people

Engineering has become the most requested program in Germany, with a total of 136,579 students. The second most popular direction is law, economics and social services – 79.416 students are registered. Mathematics, Science and Humanities came in third and fourth place with 33,341 and 28,700 international students respectively, while the number of international students pursuing an academic degree in arts and art history reached 13,110. The faculties of agriculture, forestry, dietetics and veterinary medicine have registered 5,441 foreign students in Germany, while other fields of study have 1,910 students.

On the other hand, almost 138,000 German students attend studies abroad, while Russian universities are not popular with the Germans. 30,231 students registered in Austria, 22,439 in the Netherlands and 14,145 students in the UK. This is followed by Switzerland (11.536), USA (9.242) and China (8.079). Other host countries with the highest number of German students include France with 4,715 students, Turkey (4,022), Hungary (3,447) and Denmark (2,980).

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