Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

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The sights of Hanoi are so numerous that no review simply allows to list each of them. Therefore, in our rating, we included only what every tourist is obliged to see in Hanoi.

What to see in Hanoi in the first place?

When compiling our list of “interesting places in Hanoi”, we took take into account the reviews and recommendations of experienced guides and local residents. In our general opinion, your cognitive journey should include the following excursions in Hanoi:

1. Old Quarter “36 Streets”

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

36 Streets Old Quarter – Hanoi's largest shopping area Richard Mortel

Several thousand years ago, this famous quarter had 36 guilds, each specialized in its own area. The names of the streets of the district are “talking”: Silver, Silk, Paper, etc. Now there is also an active production and trading activity. Why do guides in Hanoi advise you to walk along the 36 streets without fail? Because, like many other sights of Vietnam, this one is a huge open-air museum: there are unique building exhibits and the atmosphere of ancient traditions.

2. Flag Tower

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

The flag of Vietnam on top of the Cot Co tower in Hanoi trungydang

A rare architectural masterpiece that managed to survive in 1894-97 (military operations with the French army). The date of creation of the tower with 3 platforms, 6 fan-shaped windows and 36 flower-shaped windows is 1812. The doors are inscribed in Chinese. If you do not know what to see in Hanoi in 1 day, but love architecture, your trip here will be the right choice.

3. Hanoi Citadel

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

The southern gate of the Hanoi Citadel katiebordner

In 2010, the fortification was included in the UNESCO list and opened to tourists. The area of ​​​​the attraction is quite large: the museum samples located here are restored buildings. In other words, the modern citadel is a huge outdoor pavilions with exhibits in the form of architectural objects.

Official website:http://www.hoangthanhthanglong

4. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

Tribunes at the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum on Badinh Square in Hanoi kinjosan

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

Night illumination of the tomb of the first president of North Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh Bùi Thụy Đào Nguyên

Burial place of the first president of Vietnam. In addition to the memorial itself (with a glass tomb inside), reminiscent of a huge lotus flower, the complex includes five other objects. Along the way, you will see rare trees and precious stones. Harold Isakovich acted as the chief architect of the mausoleum.

5. Presidential Palace

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

Mustard yellow presidential palace in a mango garden Jorge Láscar

You will not be able to enter the palace. Moreover, this important attraction is forbidden even to photograph. Do not try to break the strict instructions: the palace guards are watching the tourists. Why did we then include the object in our list of what to visit in Hanoi? The fact is that a part of the building is open to visitors – the one in which the President of China once worked and lived. The interiors were kept unchanged. In addition to offices, you can see a workhouse, a house on stilts, a car park with 2 presidential cars, a lake and an orchard.

Watch the wonderful views of Hanoi in this exciting video!

6. Viewpoint Landmark 72

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

Entrance to the skyscraper with an observation deck Landmark 72 An Nguyễn Hải

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower – a complex of three skyscrapers at night Soyoungah

Do you want to have fun and see all the sights of Hanoi in one go? Then head to the 72-level Landmark Tower. An observation deck is located on the top floor of a high-rise building. Sturdy double glazing will allow you to see the panorama of the entire city. In addition, the building houses an entertainment area, a 5D cinema, a museum of illusions.

Official website: http://www.landmark72.com/

7. Museum of Optical Illusions

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

Museum of Optical Illusions on the 72nd floor of Hanoi's Keangnam Landmark Tower

A complex with a couple of dozens of funny 3D paintings to create amazing photos. You can photograph yourself in a paper boat or, for example, in the palm of the Buddha. In addition to voluminous canvases, inside the museum there is a huge number of sculptures, also made in 3D technology.

8. Hanoi Opera House

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

Facade of Hanoi French Opera House Dennis Jarvis

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

The auditorium of the Hanoi Opera House from the stage Vinhphat1808

The date of construction is the 20th century. The building of the opera in Paris was taken as a model. The Hanoi theater has a luxurious view both inside and out: huge mirrors, copper chandeliers from France, Italian marble floors. If you do not know where to go in Hanoi, but you like theater and opera performances, come here – you will not be disappointed. In addition to classical European, Vietnamese national operas sound. The repertoire also includes: exotic oriental shows, performances with puppets, symphony concerts, ballet.

Official website: http://hanoioperahouse.org

9. Water puppet theater

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

Performance at the Water Puppet Theater Thang Long in Hanoi Gryffindor

Even those who are not fond of theater or puppets should see such the best sights in Hanoi. Vietnamese craftsmen, skillfully operating with small toy figures, demonstrate fascinating stories about their legends, traditions and holidays. Actions are accompanied by the sounds of folk music.

Official website: http://thanglongwaterpuppet.

10. Vietnam Museum of Military History

< img title="Hanoi Attractions: Top 25" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/dostoprimechatelnosti-hanoja-top-25-302998c.jpg" alt="Hanoi Attractions: Top 25" />< /p>Exposition of the Military Museum on Clay Gilliland Street

Sights of Hanoi: Top 25

Exhibits of the Vietnam Museum of Military History in Hanoi calflier001

Date of creation – 1959. The complex was opened at the direction of Ho Chi Minh, the head and leader of the Republic. The center consists of 15 exhibition halls, which house approximately 160,000 valuable examples of Vietnamese military history and its representatives. Among the exhibits: personal belongings of soldiers, shells, military weapons and equipment.

11. Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Top 25 things to do in Hanoi

Traditional Vietnamese hut at Daderot Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

The drum-shaped building tells about the life and traditions of 54 Vietnamese ethnic groups. Guests are invited to see the outfits, jewelry, household items and houses in which people lived many years ago.

Official website: http://vietnammuseumofethnology

12 Museum of Vietnamese Women

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

Women's Fashion Showroom at Aumusee Vietnamese Women's Museum

Exhibition samples will tell you about the role of Vietnamese women in society for a long time, and what this role is to this day. The exhibits are located on three levels depending on the subject: women's fashion, women in history and women in the family. –

Official website: http://www.baotangphunu

13. Museum of Fine Arts

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

Inside the Hanoi Smuconlaw Fine Arts Museum

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

Exhibits at the Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts in Hanoi Daderot

Talking about the main attractions of Hanoi, it is worth briefly dwelling on this unique museum. Let's say right away that the information about the exhibits presented here is in Vietnamese. Therefore, it is recommended to inspect them with an experienced guide. The samples relate to the history, ethnography and cultural practices of the Republic. There are rare items from the Bronze and Neolithic, Paleolithic and feudal eras, folk paintings and ancient sculptures are presented.

Official website: https://vnfam.vn/en/< /p>

14. Hanoi ceramic mosaic

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

Concrete wall covered with colorful mosaics in Hanoi Diggers2004

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

Waterfowl painting along the street in Hanoi Erwin Verbruggen

An original and large-scale value, the creation of which lasted for three years. The best craftsmen from various parts of the world, including the Russian Federation, were invited to Vietnam to build the attraction. The length of the mosaic included in the Guinness Book of Records is over 6 km.

15. Hanoi Cathedral

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

St. Joseph Catholic Cathedral in Hanoi Francisco Anzola

Catalytic gothic temple, erected at the direction of the French government in Hanoi in the 19th century. The appearance of the building made of brick and granite is striking in its grandeur and wealth. Attention is attracted, for example, by several parallel and identical 30-meter towers with 5 bells each. This is the oldest religious institution in the city and the main church for the Catholics of the capital. Anyone can visit it.

16. One Pillar Pagoda

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

Steps leading up to One Pillar Pagoda, a Buddhist shrine in central Hanoi Staffan Scherz

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

Guan Yin Statue inside One Pillar Pagoda in Hanoi Gryffindor

The date of creation of the object, made in the shape of a lotus and located in the center of an artificial reservoir, is 1049. According to legend, it was built in honor of the deity Guanyin, who gave the wife of Emperor Li Thanh Tong the long-awaited opportunity to give birth to an heir. During the long years of existence, the pagoda was destroyed and reconstructed many times. Now it is in the Guinness Book of Records and the UNESCO list of protected values.

17. Chan Quoc Pagoda

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

Tran Quoc Pagoda on West Lake Island in Hanoi Thang Nguyen

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

Beautiful night view of Hanoi's oldest pagoda Bùi Thụy Đào Nguyên

An object related to the cultural heritage of the country. Date of construction – 6th century. Due to constant flooding, the pagoda was moved to the peninsula of the western lake. The temple houses a gilded wooden Buddha statue. One of the walls of the structure is carved with the full history of its creation.

18. Fragrant Pagoda

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

A Temple in the Buddhist Temple Complex Everjean Fragrant Pagoda

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

Entrance to Huong Tit Cave to Pagoda Inner Temple Tango7174

A religious Buddhist value, to which numerous pilgrims gather during the celebration of the Perfume Pagoda Festival. The date of construction is the 15th century. Currently, the complex includes several temples. The Fragrant Pagoda itself is located in a mountain cave, so the path to it is quite long and difficult. If, while reading about the sights of Hanoi, the photo with the names and descriptions of which we have now given, you are interested in this particular object, allocate a full day to visit it.

19. Temple of Literature

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

The main gate of the Temple of Literature in honor of Confucius and his followers in downtown Hanoi Zack Knowles

Known not only in the capital, but throughout the country, a landmark dedicated to Confucius. Students, poets, artists, and just creative people gather here. Construction work was started at the direction of the Vietnamese emperor in the 11th century. Recommended for anyone interested in classical Vietnamese architecture. The area is divided by walls into 5 separate sections, each of which is unique and entertaining in its own way.

20. Long Bien Bridge

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

Long Bien's first steel bridge across the Red River in Hanoi Marki Wolf Cobain

A visiting card of the capital, built in the 20th century. In previous years, the construction was recognized as the most beautiful and longest in the world. Now you can walk along Long Bien, looking at the views of the Red River, take a ride by car, public transport or train. We advise you to go to see the bridge in the daytime or in the morning, as the structure is not illuminated.

Hanoi attractions: what else to visit in Hanoi?

We told you about those objects in Hanoi, which should definitely be looked at. In addition to them, you should book a tour at:

21. Hanoi Hilton

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

The French name “Maison Centrale” remains above the entrance to the David McKelvey Prison Museum

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

Museum exposition – political prisoners – Vietnamese rebels at Maison Centrale Dennis Jarvis

A 20th century prison that is now a famous museum. Initially, the prison was intended to imprison the political criminals of Vietnam – they were kept in truly nightmarish conditions. Later, prisoners of the United States army began to be taken to prison. Here, for example, for a long time there was a candidate for the post of head of America and Senator John McCain. Now the Hanoi Hilton is one of the most visited and fascinating museum complexes in the capital. Guests are invited to view unique interiors and exhibits on the relevant topics.

Official website: http://hoalo.vn/

22. Lake of the Returned Sword

Hanoi Attractions: Top -25

Temple of the Tortoise illuminated at night on the Lake of the Returned Sword in Hanoi

The location of a natural attraction with a beautiful park is the central part of the city. At night, numerous lights are lit on the pond. On the territory there are restaurants and cafes, souvenir kiosks, gazebos and walking alleys. One of the main values ​​is the turtle temple. According to legend, it was the tortoise that helped save the emperor of his possessions by giving him a sword.

23. Temple of the Jade Mountain

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

The wooden red bridge of the Rising Sun leads to the Temple of the Jade Mountain -top-25-fb8928c.jpg” alt=”Hanoi Attractions: Top 25″ />

Gate decorated with hieroglyphs and animal images behind the bridge to Bùi Thụy Đào Nguyên

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

19th century Jade Mountain Temple in Hanoi Casablanca1911 at Vietnamese Wikipedia

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

Dead tortoise stuffed in display case at Jade Mountain Temple Casablanca1911 at Vietnamese Wikipedia

The traditional religious center of Buddhists, created in the 19th century. You can get to the sacred place through a red wooden bridge. One of the local treasures is the sculpture of a turtle that allowed the national hero of Vietnam, Le Loi, to win the great battle.

24. Tay Lake

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

Tay Lake is a popular place to stay in the center Hanoi

The largest lake in the city, located on an area of ​​500 hectares. Locals call this natural attraction the most beautiful place in the country. On the banks are the best and most expensive hotels in Hanoi, palace buildings and unique temples.

25. Le Mat Snake Village

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

Breeding and trapping snakes – fishing for the villagers of Le Mat

Hanoi Attractions: Top 25

Healing tinctures based on snake venom

It is from here that delicacies, such as snake meat, and miraculous potions-infusions are sent to various parts of the country. The villagers own whole farms of snakes: asps, cobras, vipers and others. Many of the reptiles grown here are deadly. There are many famous serpent healers among the population. By the way, according to legend, once upon a time on the territory of Le Mat (in its river) a giant snake lived, terrifying the whole district. When you come here, you can taste snake dishes and buy unique souvenirs.

We hope that you are interested in our sights and will certainly want to see them with your own eyes. Read also about the best sights of Ho Chi Minh City and get inspired for your next trip to Vietnam.

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