Has Turkey risen in price due to the situation in the world in 2022?

Did Turkey rise in price because of the situation in the world in 2022?

Recently, you can hear talk about the fact that holidays abroad have risen in price and this is true. But is it all that scary?

We tell you how much tours to Turkey have risen in price over the past 3-4 months.

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How much have tours to Turkey become more expensive and will they get more expensive.

In the review, we will focus on tours to 4-5 star hotels with all-inclusive meals or ultra all-inclusive for 7-8 nights for two with a departure from Moscow.

Earlier, you could buy an inexpensive all-inclusive tour to a 4-star hotel for 50-55 thousand rubles for two, and a tour to a 5-star hotel for about 75-80 thousand rubles for two.

Now tours to the same 4 * hotels cost from 97 thousand rubles, and to 5 * hotels from 110 thousand rubles.

On average, the cost of tours has increased by 45-47 percent.

In this regard, in order not to give up on holidays in Turkey, citizens began to save money by booking fewer nights on the tour.

If earlier tours for 12-14 nights were very popular, now Russians mostly buy tours lasting 6-7 nights.

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It is very difficult to predict what prices for tours to Turkey will be in the future. The price is highly dependent on the dollar and euro, as well as many other factors in the economy.

One ​​thing is for sure, in July and tours will cost 10-15 percent more in August, at least due to the fact that during these months the demand for holidays in Turkey usually grows strongly.

Accordingly, if you are planning a vacation by the sea in the middle or at the end of summer, then it is better to book a tour now. Even better, if possible, flying on holiday in June is the safest and probably the cheapest option right now.

If not If nothing serious happens in the global and Russian economy, then we can expect a decrease in prices for tours to Turkey in October and November of this year.

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