He drank a bottle of vodka, undressed and started beating everyone on the street: the behavior of a tourist at the resort was shocking

I drank a bottle of vodka, undressed and started beating everyone on the street: the tourist's behavior at the resort was shocking

A naked and drunk foreign tourist shocked passers-by with his behavior at an Indonesian resort: a man rushed at them with his fists, and even beat one using a motorcycle. The brawler was detained and put on trial. The Sydney Morning Herald reported what punishment he faces.

The incident occurred on the little-known Russian tourist resort island of Simelue, in the ultra-conservative province of Aceh. The instigator of the riots – 23-year-old Bodhi Mani Risby-Jones – settled in a local hotel in the company of a friend. Both came to surf. However, a bottle of vodka drunk one day by a tourist dramatically changed vacation plans. The vacationer stripped naked and went out into the street to rowdy.

The immoral appearance of the tourist was noticed by the hotel staff and tried to stop him, but the guest hit one of them. On the street of the resort, a foreigner hit a motorcyclist passing by and somehow threw a fallen vehicle on him. The victim was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries, the doctors gave him 50 stitches.

“He beat almost everyone he met on the street,” one local woman complained. According to the police, angry local residents, who learned about the actions of the visitor, almost burned down the hotel where the intruder was staying. The publication explained the severity of the people's court with Islamic traditions that are strong in the province of Aceh, and with the permission to apply punishment in the form of public flogging. If a rowdy is given a prison term as a punishment, then he faces up to five years in prison.

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Earlier, in March of this year, a Russian tourist violated the rules of staying on the resort island of Bali, and in a harsh manner: a man defiled the sacred Mount Agung with his actions. Climbing to the very top, he pulled down his pants, captured this moment on video and published it on the network. The island authorities condemned this shocking behaviour. The violator was deported and blacklisted, banning entry into the country.

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