Hell, a nightmare and a nightmare: it is shown how poor tourists will be transported in Europe

Hell, a nightmare and a nightmare: it is shown how poor tourists will be transported in Europe

The idea of ​​“standing seats” on an airplane, with which the famous low-cost carrier Ryanair once disgraced, does not leave aircraft designers and the most greedy airlines: another creative was presented at the European Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg. Commentators really described the project as “hell, a nightmare and a nightmare”, and also questioned its safety. However, it is clear that in an attempt to save and survive as much money from passengers as possible, airlines will eventually get permission from the authorities to compact the seats in the cabins to the maximum, and possibly to worthwhile seats. So the current project may still seem like “flowers”…

What is the new idea that caused outrage among tourists? Aviation designers decided to save space for hand luggage, removed the luggage racks, and in their place they decided to place two-story chairs similar to those found on buses. As in the bus, one row is above the other, and the upper level can be reached by stairs. At the same time, for tourists in the top row, there is somewhat less than 1.5 meters of space between the seats and the ceiling of the aircraft, that is, a rare tourist will be able to straighten up to his full height there.

“More than hell!” Travel bloggers commented on this invention. “I'll be back to comment on this as soon as my claustrophobia allows me to breathe again,” added another.

The designer of this project, Alejandro Nunez Vicente, argues that tourists have to bend over anyway – despite the design of modern economy class seats. In addition, those sitting in the bottom row have the opportunity to stretch their legs because there are no seats directly in front of them – he explained that this was the problem that forced him to develop the project. True, this row will make some people experience a feeling of claustrophobia.

However, the main issue for tourists was not even convenience, but safety. “Break both knees at the same time when you hit turbulence!” – one is indignant. “In the event of a disaster, you will not just die, as before, you will be crushed before that,” another user adds a black joke.

However, this “terrible dream” can become a reality. The designer said he has already received funding for the project and is in the process of negotiating with both airlines and seating companies. “My goal here is to change economy seats for the better for humanity or for all people who cannot afford to pay for more expensive tickets,” he added.

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