Holidays in Egypt in March – 2022: weather, prices and reviews

Rest in Egypt in March — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

March in Egypt is exactly one and a half months before hot weather. And although in the low season it gets as cold as +21 in the country, I would still wonder if it is comfortable to have a vacation in early spring?

For those who plan to go to Egypt in March, below are the most important: important tips, prices, weather and tourist reviews.

Is it worth going to Egypt in March?

Vacations in Egypt in March — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

For the beginning of spring, Egypt is an inexpensive and sunny destination. The golden mean in all respects. A beach holiday on the Red Sea is cheaper than in the distant Dominican Republic, and warmer than in close Turkey or Cyprus.

Yes, it will be a couple of degrees hotter in March in the UAE. But you will have to spend more – prices in Egypt are lower, and no other destination in the off-season can boast of such a variety of Russian airports from where charters fly.

In addition, Egypt is one of the rare countries with extremely simple entry rules:

  • At 12 years of age, either a PCR test done 72 hours or less before departure or a vaccination certificate is required. Both certificates must be printed, in English and with a quar code.
  • A visa is issued upon arrival – $25 per person for 30 days in Hurghada or free of charge for 15 days in Sharm el-Sheikh (but without the right to leave the resort).

Water and air temperature in Egypt in March

Rest in Egypt in March — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

What is the March weather like? In social networks, photos of friends from Egyptian sunbeds give the impression that the country is warm in any month of the year. But still, in March-April it is cool in Egypt – especially when compared with the high season in May.

  • Firstly, the resorts have not yet warmed up from the winter: despite the mild climate, at the end of February here +18…+20, and Egypt in early March maintains a general “frosty” background.
  • Secondly, strong winds have not yet left. In March, you should still choose a windless hotel – there is a separate section with recommendations about this, by the way.

What is the weather like in Egypt in March?

Air temperature, ℃ Water temperature, ℃
at the beginning of the month at the end
Hurghada +23.5 +22 +22.5
Sharm El Sheikh +24 +22.5 +23
Dahab +24.5 +22 +22
Marsa Alam +24 +23 +23.5

Resorts of Egypt – where is it better to relax in March?

If you make a mistake with the choice of the area, you can freeze in Egypt due to the winds. March is no longer the cold season, but outdoor areas like the beach are still blowing away.

Holidays in Egypt in March — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

Where is the best place to relax in Egypt in March?


  • Sharm El Sheikh and its surroundings are the best option.This is the resort where in Egypt in March it is warmest of all – and all at the expense of the surrounding mountains. They favorably protect from the wind blower and retain heat: the temperatures here are always one and a half degrees higher. Does this mean that you can swim anywhere in Sharm El Sheikh in March? No. You need to choose certain bays (or hotels from the section below):

    Naama Bay is the perfect place to stay in Sharm El Sheikh in March. Excellent sandy beaches without corals (but also without fish). All hotels are located in a closed bay, and there are many entertainments nearby: bars, shops, clubs, embankments. But there is a downside: this is the most expensive area of ​​Sharm.

    Sharks Bay– Another lively area in the bay. In the spring – no winds by the sea. And as a bonus, there are local attractions of Sharm El Sheikh nearby: a fountain, light installations, markets and shops.

    Ras Umm el Sid (or Phanara) – choose this coast if your plan for a vacation is to spend as much time as possible in the company of various fish. Here lives one of the most beautiful reefs, and the winds bypass the beaches.

    Sharm El Maya– the area near the Old City. Similar to Naama: sandy beaches, gentle entry into the water, light winds and no entertainment.

  • Holidays in Egypt in March — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

  • Hurghada…But the open beaches of Hurghada are mercilessly blown by a strong wind, because of which it is sometimes difficult not only to swim, but also to sunbathe. And here the choice of a more or less sheltered place is calculated not by bays with dozens of hotels, but by single hotels: 5 * Sunrise Royal Makadi, 4 * Fort Arabesque, 5 * Prima Life Makadi, 3 * Zahabia. Although Makadi Bay is one of the most popular resorts in Hurghada in March, not all local hotels are out of the wind. The ones I have listed are fine.

There are also separate resorts of Marsa Alam and Dahab. In the case of the first, the weather is similar to “Hurghada”, and in Dahab – like in Sharm el-Sheikh, but with winds. Under them, it is better to plan Egypt at the end of March, when weather troubles subside.

Prices for tours to Egypt in March – 2022

We look at the prices for tours to Egypt in March 2022 – the next thing that interests you after the weather. We look at any popular aggregator – they save a lot of search and selection time:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

There are many offers, and at the beginning of spring it is quite possible to catch a tour similar to the “burning” one – for 45-50 thousand rubles for two. But. There is always a but. And in the case of March, these are cold hotels that are blown from all sides. These are especially common in Hurghada.

– A 7-night tour to Egypt in March costs from 48,000 rubles if you fly from Moscow. From the regions, the same two will go on vacation for 60,000 rubles.
– Tours to Sharm el-Sheikh are more expensive, because it is warmer there – from 55,000 rubles.
– Such a price tag is available only in early March, from the middle of the month vouchers jump by 20% – to a minimum of 58,000 rubles.
— A five-star hotel with good reviews and in a calm bay costs from 85,000 rubles for 7 nights for two.

But we take into account that charters now fly from many cities of Russia – therefore we get frustrated, thinking about transfers in Moscow, and immediately substitute our place of residence in the column “City of departure” (or the nearest major one) and choose a tour with a direct flight:

List of the best hotels in Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh

Holidays in Egypt in March — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

Vacations in Egypt in March — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

Is it worth saying that choosing the right hotel in Egypt is the key to a good holiday? As promised, here is a selection of hotels suitable for a trip during the windy season.


  • 5 * Prima Life Makadi – almost all tourists praise this hotel, and for Egypt this is a rarity! First, relatively inexpensive but with quality buffet food and clean rooms. Secondly, for March, there are solid advantages of the location: there are almost no winds in this part of the Makadi Bay area (and this is the most windless hotel in Hurghada).
    Tour cost: from 90,000 rubles for two for 7 nights
  • 5* Grand Waterworld Makadi – the price of the hotel is higher, apparently, plus a huge territory and a water park. Tourists especially note the clean good beach, beautiful rooms and spaces by the pool. The hotel, by the way, is also located in Makadi Bay.
    Tour cost: from 110,000 rubles for two for 7 nights
  • 4* Fort Arabesque is one of the most comfortable and stylish hotels! Click here for Instagram photos. And, of course, tourists appreciate not only architecture, but also service – housekeeping, service in a restaurant and bar. And, by the way, they say that there is a good spa there (which is unusual for Egypt).
    Tour cost: from 95,000 rubles for two for 7 nights < /li>

Sharm El Sheikh:

  • 4 * Hilton Sharks Bay Resort – if you want to go to Sharks Bay, choose this hotel. The price corresponds to the quality: from the design of the rooms to the responsiveness of the staff. And, by the way, for an area with a reef, here are conveniently equipped beaches – ideal for families with children.
    Tour cost: from 85,000 rubles for two for 7 nights
  • 4 * Jaz Fanara – the hotel is located in the bay of Ras Umm el-Sid, which has a cool reef. Beware, there are rocky beaches. Hotel guests note active animation, sports activities and the quality of alcoholic beverages.
    Tour cost: from 130,000 rubles for two for 7 nights
  • 5* Sentido Reef Oasis Senses Resort – no breeze on this shore of Naama Bay. And the hotel is given almost a solid five: a great find, given that Egyptian hotels are often scolded in reviews.
    Tour cost: from 150,000 rubles for two for 7 nights
  • 5 * Albatros Palace Sharm – a hotel with a large territory in the bay of Ras Nasrani. The most important plus is the beautiful reef in the area, and the most common advantages of the hotel are comfortable sunbeds, a clean beach, beautiful natural views and fresh food. So here you can definitely have a great vacation in Egypt in March.
    Tour cost: from 120,000 rubles for two for 7 nights

Sightseeing in Egypt – what to do in March?

Rest in Egypt in March — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

If you go on excursions, then definitely in the spring. In summer it is very hot, in winter the wind is tormenting, but in March, sightseeing is just right.

The best excursions in Egypt

You can find entertainment in Hurghada and in the areas of Sharm el-Sheikh. True, if you are set on specific excursions (for example, on a Nile cruise), you will have to choose a resort, taking into account how comfortable it is to get from it to the place you like. So, it’s closer to the pyramids from Hurghada.

The budget for excursions should be set at the rate of plus or minus $100 per person – this is enough for one large-scale (for example, pyramids) and one small-town one like safari or diving. What to do in Egypt in March?

1. Hurghada

What to see in Hurghada? It is more convenient to leave the city for many excursions: it is well located in relation to almost all the main destinations that interest tourists.

  • Cairo and the pyramids of Giza – go to Egypt and not see the pyramids and Cairo? For many tourists, this is unacceptable! 1 day, $60 per person – and here you are pretending to kiss the Sphinx on the nose 🙂
  • Alexandria is a big city with historical sights, markets where you can buy cheap teas, oils, spices , fruits and sweets.
  • Luxor is for fans of historical places. Luxor is the former capital of ancient Egypt. Usually people come here to look at the Karnak temple, statues and tombs. If you do not have time for all the excursions, I still recommend choosing Cairo with the pyramids first of all.

2. Sharm El Sheikh

Vacations in Egypt in March — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

< img title="Egypt holidays in March — 2022: weather, prices and reviews" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/otdyh-v-egipte-v-marte-2022-pogoda-ceny-i -otzyvy-c4cf34a.jpg" alt="Vacations in Egypt in March — 2022: weather, prices and reviews" />

Since Sharm el-Sheikh is located further from historical sites, nature excursions are popular here: diving, quad bike rides and canyons. If you have always admired the wilderness, you will love Sharm El Sheikh.

  • Diving in the Red Sea – Sharm has the most beautiful reefs, so diving is a popular pastime among tourists. Just be sure to choose a proven tour and don't look for a cheaper one: it's better to get quality training before diving and enjoy looking at the Red Sea.
  • Excursions in the desert – quad bikes or camels – you choose. I was on the first excursion and I liked it: an inexpressible feeling when you drive at high speed through the sands could see a stunning sunrise. I advise!
  • Trips to Dahab– here for atmospheric and unusual views for Egypt. This is an old town with cute narrow streets and old architecture. Ideal for a walk.

Reviews about Egypt in March – is it worth going?

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Holidays in Egypt in March — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

Traveling in Egypt in March — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

When tourists are asked whether it is worth going to Egypt in March, they unanimously say: you can come safely. But if you do not take into account the peculiarities of the areas, there is a risk that you will be tormented by the winds. And the whole vacation will have to be spent in a jacket.

But as a big plus, tourist reviews about Egypt in March proclaim that at the end of March the weather is almost seasonal, and the cost of rest is still adequate.

If you are interested in learning more about Egypt, check out these articles:

  • What resorts are there in Egypt?
  • What is the difference between Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh?
  • How to combine Cairo and the sea on an independent trip

Pros and cons

Holidays in Egypt in March — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

Let's start:

+ there is no wild heat that tourists face in summer, and you can relax in peace

+ perfect weather for excursions

+ a large selection of hotels at good prices

+ there are still few tourists

+ the most easy on paper, close and warm destination for Russians

From the minuses:

– I repeat again, you may have to put up with a strong wind

– sea ​​water temperature in Egypt in March is only +22…+23 degrees

– windless hotels set decent prices for holidays

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