Holidays in Turkey will soon become unbearable: the reason and timing are named

Holidays in Turkey will soon become unbearable: the reason and terms are named

From July 22, Turkey may be hit by a super-heat wave, which has already turned the rest of tourists in the resorts of the European Mediterranean into a complete nightmare: thousands of heat strokes and wiped out fires have been recorded there. This statement was made by well-known Turkish meteorologist Orhan Shen.

He warned citizens and tourists that in the next few days they will have to bear the brunt of the sweltering heat in Turkey, which will last at least several days. And hope that it will cost only this – in some provinces the authorities have already announced the introduction of a strict fire hazard regime, including in the resort province of Mugla.

“These are just the first days of the heat wave, which seems to be stronger than the wave that was in 2013. The heat wave spread to southeastern Europe after Wednesday, July 20 and will reach Turkey by 22, ”the meteorologist said.

He also noted that the administration of the resort province of Mugla warned that the scorching heat is dangerous from the point of view of forest fires. A strict fire safety regime is introduced in the province – at least for a week.

At the same time, Mr. Shen made a more sad long-term forecast – this is for a long time, this is climate change. “Turkey no longer has a Mediterranean climate, but an arid climate. Now we are moving towards a two-season period: dry and wet,” he said.

The temperature in Antalya, according to the forecast, will cross the line of hot, but relatively comfortable + 34-35 in the coming days and will rapidly go up. So far, +38 is promised for the weekend and a decrease to +35-36 at the beginning of next week. The sea, by the way, is warmed up almost like a swimming pool – up to +28.

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