Hopper Launches Travel Agent Training Program For New Agents

Hopper Launches Travel Agent Training Program For New Agents

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To help encourage individuals who’d like to transition into being travel agents, Hopper, one of the most popular travel apps in the United States, has launched its own travel advisor training course, Bunny Bootcamp, to train new agents in the basic skills and knowledge necessary to start their new careers.

Bunny Bootcamp is priced at $299, making it an affordable option for many people. New or prospective agents can try some of the 160 hours of training material for free prior to purchase. Once purchased, advisors will receive access to the entire course library, including a forum, study guides, quizzes and simulations for the Sabre GDS, a travel agent community on Slack, an expert facilitator and, once completed, the certificate of completion.

Course modules range from learning how to use a GDS, or Global Distribution System, to learning about everything from airfare and ticketing to booking hotels, car rentals and more.

Bunny Bootcamp can be completed in as little or as much time as needed, making it an easy choice for people who are still working, going to school or caring for children.

“Particularly right now, people are evaluating their professional lives and considering a change,” said Jo Lai, Head of Customer Experience at Hopper. “We hope that this comprehensive training program can help individuals learn new skills and open doors to a career as a travel agent. As the top travel app in North America, Hopper has deep technical knowledge of this space that can help aspiring travel agents at all levels succeed.”

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