Hotel burns down in Antalya, 2 tourists die

Hotel burned down in Antalya, 2 tourists died

A fire broke out in a boutique hotel in the Kaleichi area, killing two tourists and injuring 12 others. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

According to Turizm Guncel, the fire occurred in a boutique hotel in the Kaleici district of Antalya. The reason has not yet been established. Firefighters put out the fire for more than six hours. Tourists were evacuated, with 12 people injured and hospitalized.

After extinguishing the fire, two dead were also found. It has already been established that these are tourists who died in one of the rooms. The injured were taken to the hospital. An investigation has been launched into the fact of the fire.

In the meantime, a global emergency happened very close to the Turkish coast, at another popular resort. Read more in the article “It's the end of the world: disaster at a popular resort, thousands of tourists evacuate in panic, fire moves to hotels” at this link.

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