Hotel sinks in Egyptian resort

Hotel sinks in Egyptian resort

Scandal with state of emergency, at first glance, sounding quite funny, is being investigated in Egypt. The fact is that, according to the local press, a hotel sank in an Egyptian resort. We are talking, of course, about floating hotels plying the Nile, and this happened in Luxor. At the same time, the main problem is that the hotel, which had been laid up for almost 13 years, was preparing to be put into operation and accommodate tourists. But suddenly there was an emergency.

According to the Egyptian edition of Egypt Independent, the head of the Central Office of Hotel Enterprises, Mohamed Amer, confirmed that the hotel did not have a license and there were no tourists on it. The story developed like this: since 2010, the ship-hotel was decommissioned. However, the owner recently approached the Ministry of Transport and the General Directorate of River Transport of Egypt with a request for repairs so that the hotel could operate in the coming winter season.

As a result, the liner was raised and repaired in one of the specialized workshops approved by the General Directorate river transport. Moreover, the hotel passed an inspection by the management and on August 23, the owner was allowed to return it to the water until the rest of the necessary licenses were obtained.

However, the tourists were lucky – the emergency happened earlier. While the floating hotel was parked at the pier, it leaned over obscurely to its side, took on water and settled to the bottom on the pier without completely sinking.

As a result, a video with a “sunken hotel” was distributed on social networks and the media. And the General Directorate of River Transport stated that it was awaiting an investigation by the prosecutor's office, which would determine the causes of the incident.

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