Hotter than hell, they are trying to kill us: tourists stuck in a plane at a luxury resort almost boiled alive

Hotter than hell, they're trying to kill us: luxury resort tourists stranded on a plane almost boiled alive

“It's hotter than hell here! British Airways are trying to kill us! ”- this is how passengers who tried to fly from the luxury French resort of Nice to London Heathrow commented on the situation. They had to wait under the hot Mediterranean sun for an hour and a half in an air-conditioned plane – and only tantrums and two unconscious passengers managed to convince them to let them breathe in the “sleeve”.

The flight was supposed to take off at 19:35 on Monday. But on this day, there were serious restrictions at the Nice airport due to delays on the runway. As a result, the tourists sat for 90 minutes on the plane without air conditioning, which, according to them, was as hot as an oven. “People were crying, some were on the verge of losing consciousness,” one tourist told Mail Online. Only when two tourists finally felt bad, and reached to tell the crew that they were about to lose consciousness, were the tourists released into the “sleeve” so that they could catch their breath.

“It's a shame. It's hotter than hell in here! British Airways is slowly killing us, ”commented another of the tourists. As a result, the flight attendants and the pilot apologized to the passengers for the situation.

The tourists were left to cool off in the passage while waiting for boarding. In the video, filmed by a passenger, some tourists are fanning themselves with their clothes in an attempt to cool off, while others look completely in shock. According to the tourists, they were also given cold water.

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