How do I get good rooms when I check into a hotel. I share my experience.

In almost every hotel, there are rooms that are slightly better or worse in some way. When buying a tour, you choose the category of the room, but often do not choose the floor, the view from the window, and many other parameters. Through practice, I have discovered a few tricks that increase the likelihood of getting a good hotel room. I'm telling you.

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How I get good rooms when I check into a hotel. Sharing my experience.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind when checking into your room:

  • Be sure to check that all appliances in the room work. Check air conditioning, TV, shower operation, etc. If you notice problems, be sure to tell the staff and ask them to fix them or move you to another room.
  • View from the window. Look where the windows go – in the worst case, the view may be on some wall or even a garbage dump. If you don't like the view, you can politely ask to be moved to another room, and if the hotel employee refuses, you can agree to do it for a small surcharge.
  • Be polite. Being polite almost always works. If the hotel employee who will check you in likes you, then most likely you will not be given a bad room.
  • Be first. If there is a long check-in line, try to be as close to the front as possible. The fewer rooms available at the hotel, the higher the chance of getting a room with worse characteristics. to a nice room. First, look at where they want to put you. If you don't like the room, then politely ask to be moved to another room. If a hotel employee refuses to do this under various pretexts, then say that you are ready to pay extra. But never offer money right away.
  • Don't buy fortune tours. Very rarely , you can buy such a tour and get into a good number. Most often, such tourists are settled in the most simple rooms.

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