How much does a holiday in Turkey really cost this summer?

You can often see something like “tours to Turkey from 25 thousand rubles per person” on advertising banners. The prices are really attractive, but is it really possible to relax in Turkey at such a price? We tell you how much a holiday in Turkey actually costs this season.

Let's say right away that flying to Turkey for 50 thousand for two is almost unrealistic. Now, a tour even to the cheapest hotel with a low rating will cost about 65-70 thousand rubles. For this money, tourists will live in a hostel or the cheapest hotel without food. Such tours are not very popular – most tourists are used to relaxing in Turkey on an all-inclusive basis; or “ultra all inclusive”.

The real cost of tours "all inclusive" in 4 * hotels at the moment starts from 85 thousand rubles. If you want a 4* hotel with a good rating, you will have to slightly increase your budget – tours to such hotels cost from 100 thousand rubles.

Tours the cheapest 5* hotels cost 102 thousand rubles for two, and tours to hotels with a high rating (at least 4 out of 5 points) start at 110 thousand rubles for two.

The cost of an ultra all-inclusive holiday in a 5* hotel starts from 120 thousand rubles for two.

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How much does a holiday in Turkey really cost this summer?

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