How much does it cost to live in Antalya: a Russian woman scrupulously calculated all her expenses for a month in Turkey

How much does it cost to live in Antalya: a Russian woman carefully calculated all her expenses for a month in Turkey

A detailed story about how much does it cost to live in Antalya, presented for tourists and our fellow citizens who “relocated” to Turkey after 24.02, a Russian woman permanently residing in Antalya, on her channel in Yandex.Zen. She told her readers that for a whole month – from April 18 to May 18 – she scrupulously calculated and recorded all expenses and now she can present a detailed report on how much life in Turkey actually costs now.

It turned out to be relatively inexpensive – the expense for a family of three, a Russian woman lives in Turkey with her husband and daughter, amounted to a little more than 42 thousand rubles for our money. True, in her report, the blogger emphasized several important circumstances. Firstly, the fact that the lira has fallen sharply against the ruble, now the official exchange rate is 3.67 rubles per lira. In addition, there are circumstances that reduce their costs. “We have our own apartment and this VERY significantly reduces our costs,” the blogger notes first of all. She also adds that her daughter studies at a public school, the family does not buy “red meat”, they only occasionally eat in cafes, and no one drinks or smokes in the family and “stick to proper nutrition.”

Separately, the blogger added that in the month for which a detailed report is given, the family “didn't try to save at all.” “The resulting amount is fully in line with the average of our usual monthly living expenses in Turkey. And, by the way, it almost coincides with the calculations on the numbeo service, where you can estimate the cost of living in almost any city in the world,” the blogger noted.
The numbers (in lira) came out as follows:

    < li>3615 Products in the store
  • 933 Beauty and health
  • 1035 Gasoline
  • 381 Products in the market
  • 1050 Communal, Internet, cellular communications
  • 2300 Shopping
  • 419 Daughter's education
  • 1117 Entertainment, leisure, cafes and restaurants

Total 10,850 lire (42,175 rubles) – the blogger estimated.

She also gave a detailed list of expenses for the month, from which you can find out the numbers. That the average trip to the store or to the market for groceries costs from 40 to 800 lire; going to a cafe and buying sweets – about 100 liras, coffee – 30-40 liras. Gasoline costs 300 lire “at a time”, for cellular communications – 90-100 lira. Utilities such as an electricity bill and a rent are 140 and 200 lira.

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