How tourists are deceived and scammed in Germany: typical schemes revealed

How tourists are cheated and scammed in Germany: typical schemes are revealed

Fake websites and the sale of fake tours and hotels through Ebay with payment by PayPal – this is the latest trend of travel scams in Germany. At the same time, scammers pretend to be completely legal travel agencies – which, as a result, reveal fraud when tourists call them for details of the purchased pseudo-tour. Affected tourists, as expected, are bought at a low price, i.e. in Germany, the Russian proverb is confirmed that the greedy one pays twice…

Thus, the Oberhausen travel agency in North Rhine-Westphalia suffered from the actions of fraudsters. His fake “clone” on the Internet has deceived more than 40 tourists. Tourists were bought at a lower price – a tour that really cost 7 thousand euros was given for 3.5 thousand. However, after collecting the money, the scammers disappeared. At the same time, tourists did not request a travel insurance certificate.

The second case was recorded on Ebay, where scammers ran ads using the name of the agency called Country Reisen. Having copied the name and logo of the travel agency, they, of course, gave out their data for making a down payment in order to buy a package tour. Fortunately, here the tourists reacted promptly by calling the travel company to find out the details of the discount campaign – as it turned out, does not exist. As a result, Country Reisen contacted Ebay to remove the scam ads on behalf of their company.

Tourists were once again warned not to trust the tempting offers that appeared on social networks, sales platforms and other places. Or at least double-check this information directly with travel agencies before buying into high discounts.

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