Immediately 9 Russian tour operators ceased further activities

Immediately, 9 Russian tour operators ceased further activities

Another order from Rostourism struck 11 companies from the register at once, 9 of them due to the problem of financial guarantees, which is traditionally fatal for the market. Three more left the market voluntarily. In addition, two companies remained on the register, but left the field of outbound tourism.

The details are as follows – three companies that left the market, that is, officially “excluded from the Register in connection with the submission of an application to terminate the tour operator activity” – these are Nika LLC, Krypton Touroperator LLC and Karelia Plus LLC. Two more players, according to the order of the Federal Tourism Agency, “from the information contained in the Register, the scope of tour operator activity“ international outbound tourism ”is excluded – these are Primoravtotrans LLC and Blueline Travel LLC.

As for the nine players crossed out from the register “due to failure to provide information on the availability of financial security for a new term”, i.e. due to the problem of financial guarantees, these are the following companies:

  1. Limited Liability Company “Vip Tour of the Siberian Taiga”
  2. Limited Liability Company “Silver Ring”
  3. Limited Liability Company “Travel Agency “Fortuna”
  4. Interregional Public Organization of the Society of Hunters and Fishermen “Krechet”
  5. Limited Liability Company “Kom Trans”
  6. Limited Liability Company “Daltur”
  7. Limited Liability Company “Baltic Exotic”
  8. Limited Liability Company “Express-Travel”
  9. Limited Liability Company “Volna Shipping Company”

As a result, the register of tour operators involved in outbound tourism was reduced to 365. Recall that during the pandemic their number “fluctuated” somewhere around 400, at the moment it is gradually decreasing.

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