In a hotel in a famous resort, a tourist was gang-raped with video shooting

In a hotel in a famous resort, a tourist was gang-raped with video shooting

Another scandal is developing in Greece: in a hotel in a famous resort a tourist was gang-raped, and the rapists filmed it on video. It all happened in the resort of Rethymnon on the Greek island of Crete.

According to the local press, a 24-year-old British tourist turned to the police. She stated that two 19-year-olds, also British and tourists, took advantage of her drunk state in her hotel room, raped her and filmed everything.

Details are being clarified. So far, it is known that the Greek police detained two 19-year-old Britons, and the complaining tourist was sent to a medical examiner for analysis. It has also not yet been clarified whether the three knew each other prior to the night of the crime.

Recall that just a few days ago, a similar scandal occurred on the island of Rhodes in Greece, when a 20-year-old foreign tourist became a victim of rape right at sea after she corresponded with a man on WhatsApp. According to the Daily Mail, the incident happened last Saturday, but the accused insists that everything happened by mutual agreement.

According to the data, a 20-year-old British woman said that a 23-year-old Albanian abused her after as they went to swim in the sea on the beach of Glystra. She said that she met the Albanian two weeks ago and all this time she communicated with him on WhatsApp before their face-to-face meeting. During the conversation, the man allegedly lured her into the sea and attacked her there. The girl went to the beach, got dressed and began to beg him to take her back to the hotel. However, upon arrival at the hotel, the Albanian followed the British woman to the room, where he took off her clothes and tried to rape her again. This time, the British woman managed to escape, after which she immediately contacted the Rhodes police. Read the details at this link.

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