In a popular country, those who escaped from Russia started having problems

In a popular country, those who escaped from Russia started having problems

Russian “long-term tourists” and “defectors” raised property prices not only in Antalya – an increase in rental rates was also recorded in Armenia. According to local experts, about 75,000 Russians have arrived in Armenia since the end of February, and 2,000 local residents have also returned. As a result, housing rental rates jumped by 20-25%: and many citizens who fled Russia obviously did not count on such biting prices, and some have already begun to have problems – they simply do not have enough money for living.

As Minister of Economy of the country Vahan Kerobyan stated, the rent of a one-room apartment in Yerevan increased on average from $150-400 to $600-700. However, in some cases, the price has risen two or three times. It is supposed to “rescue” prices, among other things, at the expense of “tens of thousands of uninhabited apartments in Yerevan”, which are empty. “The authorities are negotiating with developers and are looking for owners of empty apartments, apparently in order to offer them to rent out housing – in this way they intend to return the previous number of offers to the market, which will bring down the price,” the minister assured.

Also, the rent increased by 271% in Antalya, which is facilitated by the influx of Russians and Ukrainians migrating to the resort. It is argued that even the rent for apartments 1 + 1, i.e. in Russian studios, is up to 5 thousand Turkish liras, while the rent for ordinary apartments reaches 15-20 thousand Turkish liras per month. Rent growth was also recorded in Izmir – by 119%. Read the details at the link.

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