In Antalya, a 15-year-old tourist was horribly injured in a hotel room

In Antalya, a 15-year-old tourist suffered horrific injuries in a hotel room

In Antalya, a 15-year-old British tourist tripped and fell through a glass door in a hotel room suffering horrific injuries with a threat of disability. The mother of the teenager told the Mirror the details of the incident and the huge sums that the family is now collecting for treatment.

Steph Burke flew to Antalya, Turkey, as soon as she learned about the accident that happened to her son Liam in a hotel room where he was vacationing with old family friends. The teenager received serious injuries that threatened his life. As a result, Liam survived, but now he needs expensive operations. Since he did not have travel insurance, the family had to raise money to pay for the treatment.

“Due to injuries, his mouth dropped, and if the situation is not corrected quickly with surgery, it could be life-threatening. His mouth on the right side does not move. He will have disabilities and injuries that will significantly change the quality of life. Could be worse. When I arrived, the doctors thought he was going to die. I almost broke down when I saw him there,” said Steph Burke.

The treatment costs at least 165,000 Turkish liras, that is, more than half a million rubles, and the tourist's family has applied for fundraising. The student has already undergone one operation that saved his life after an accident.

“The room had a sliding door and he was about to open it, but he stumbled and fell through it. It may have long-term damage and scars. Cut from ear to shoulder and neck, it's terrible. It could have been much worse. I was afraid to come here and come back without him, ”the teenager’s mother shared.

Liam has multiple cuts on his neck, stomach, thigh and arms. His mother notes that the lack of insurance has become a separate problem. “Make sure you take out travel insurance before you travel. Because of her absence, I now need help just to get my son home. We are raising money, and quite a lot of donations come from strangers whom we do not know, ”the woman shared.

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