In Antalya, a couple of tourists stole a gold bracelet from a jewelry store

In Antalya, a couple of tourists stole a gold bracelet in a jewelry store

Two tourists from Hungary were detained in the resort of Antalya in hot pursuit after theft in a jewelry store. According to Turkish media, tourist Jožsa Atilla and his wife Jožsa Rabeka Melinda “took” a gold bracelet from a jewelry store in the Balbey district of Muratpasa district in Antalya.

According to the store owner Emra Kahraman, tourists entered “under the pretext shopping”, and for some time examined the chains and bracelets. Having quite professionally tracked when the business owner was distracted, the tourist put a gold bracelet worth 6,000 Turkish liras (this is about 20 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate) first in her palm and then in her pocket, after which the couple left the jeweler.

When This “manoeuvre” was only noticed by the store owner on cameras, after he realized that he had missed the number of bracelets. He called the police, showed the footage and spoke about his suspicions.

The couple was eventually tracked in hot pursuit at another store, shown to a jeweler who identified them, and taken to the police station. During the search, a gold bracelet was seized from the couple. The police have suspicions that more than one store suffered from the actions of the Hungarian “tourists”. An investigation is underway.

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