In Antalya, a Russian tourist with two daughters parachuted over the sea

In Antalya, a Russian tourist with two daughters hovered on a parachute over the sea

Russian tourists almost had a tragic incident this week: a mother and her two daughters decided to try parasailing, but something went wrong. As a result, they parachuted over the sea, waiting for help.

On the beach of a 5-star hotel in the tourist center of Belek in the resort province of Antalya, Russian travelers in search of adrenaline, went to the water sports center in search of adrenaline. Their choice fell on parasailing – an active sport in which a tourist is fixed with a long cable to a moving speedboat and, thanks to the presence of a special parachute, he soars through the air. In this case, there were three tourists with one parachute.

Soon the wind picked up and the boat was washed ashore by the current, and the mother and daughters were left hanging in horror on a parachute over the sea. According to Ensonhaber, the Russians hung like this for about 10 minutes. According to Turkish publications, they burst into tears while waiting for help. The employees of the neighboring hotel and vacationers on the beach came to the aid of lovers of extreme relaxation. They fought the wind, trying to lower the frightened girls onto the beach.

Here is what one of the participants of the event said: A Russian tourist and her two daughters went up by parachute. After they took off, the boat was blown away by the wind to the shore of another hotel. At that time, I threw a rope onto a cable that held the parachute with a hooking system. We pulled the rope with the help of the water sports staff and beach tourists and lowered the mother and two daughters to the beach. Tourists hung in the air for about 10 minutes. They were very scared and nervous. Mother cried all the time, and my friends and I comforted her. Then we took them all to the hotel. Those who were on the beach at the time of the incident applauded and thanked us. We were all glad that everything ended well.”

Information: Belek is a city in Turkey on the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is known for its beaches, thermal springs and golf courses. In the vicinity of the resort town, you can see the ruins of the Roman amphitheater and the colonnade of the ancient Greek city of Perge. Fans of outdoor activities in the region and its environs are offered to try mountain climbing, horseback riding, water skiing, parasailing, an exciting descent in inflatable boats along a mountain river.

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