In Antalya, safes with tourists' money were broken into in hotels

Safes with tourists' money were broken into in hotels in Antalya

With the beginning of the hot tourist season, crime has intensified in Turkish resorts. So, this week, the police arrested two suspects on charges of a series of thefts of safes with money and valuables from hotels in the resort town of Kemer (Antalya province).

Law enforcement officers received a number of statements from victims about breaking out safes from hotels located in premium area of ​​Tekirova. The victims told about the same story: upon returning from a walk/excursion/beach, they saw that the safe had disappeared from the room. At the same time, the dates of the robberies were different, which allowed the police to conclude that there was one gang of robbers.

During the investigation, law enforcement officers tracked down two men. After collecting evidence, the operatives tracked them down and detained them. During a search in their hiding place, tools were found with which they opened hotel rooms and broke out safes. The stolen money was also there.
The detainees were taken into custody. They are facing legal action.

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