In Antalya, the owner of the hotel attacked and beat his tourists

In Antalya hotel owner attacked and beat his tourists

The scandal in Turkish social networks was ignited by the statement of a couple of tourists who came to rest in the Muratpasa district of Antalya. According to them, the couple survived the attack by the owners of the Green Beyza Suites hotel where they were staying: they were simply beaten. Tourists also shared photos from the event.

According to the victims, the scandal began with the fact that the room that was provided to tourists, to put it mildly, did not match the picture that they saw when booking a vacation spot through the airbnb service. “The room we got was smaller than the website and didn't have a sea view like the pictures we saw when booking. But the hotel told us that all the rooms were booked and refused to refund us the money, saying that we should contact airbnb,” the tourists said. As a result, they sat in the provided room and tried to contact the airbnb support service – which, by the way, did not work out and the tourists did not receive any refunds from the service.

According to tourists, in the end they were already ready to agree to the proposed option. But it turned out that the owner of the hotel had other plans.

“The hotel manager attacked me and my fiancé! He entered our room with three other men, began to choke me, hit me in the face and my fiancé in the head. We barely escaped – and all day we were sitting in the police station, writing a statement! Moreover, we were told that we had to pay 1500 Turkish lira for the translation of the video showing the attack. As a result, these people will not be able to stand trial because we don't have the money to afford it! I am very angry,” the victim says emotionally.

In social networks, however, opinions are divided. Some say that such bullying really takes place in hotels in Turkey – and this is such a way to make a profit. Others do not find the story and photographs of the tourist convincing.

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