In Antalya, tourists on a parachute landed on a power line

Tourists on a parachute landed on a power line in Antalya

Two foreign tourists almost died on vacation in Turkey: the parachute cable tied to the boat got untied, and the girls were carried away by parachute right on transmission line. Both are now in the hospital. Trthaber reported about the unsuccessful landing of lovers of extreme recreation.

The incident occurred near the resort town of Manavgat in the province of Antalya with German tourists. At the water sports center near the gendarmerie station in the Side area, the parachute rope attached to the boat broke shortly after takeoff. The parachute with two women began to be carried to land by the wind, but on the way the parachute hit the electric wires. The 31-year-old and 32-year-old women who were on it were lucky: they escaped with minor injuries. Rescuers arrived in time to help and removed them from the transmission line. The victims were hospitalized, their condition is assessed as satisfactory.

However, another problem appeared – severed electrical wires led to the ignition of dry grass in the olive orchard. Firefighters arrived on time to extinguish the fire and extinguished it before it burned everything around.

With the opening of the tourist season, this is not the first time that parasailing in Turkish resorts has become dangerous for tourists. Last week, three Russian tourists almost had a tragic incident: a mother and her two daughters decided to try parasailing, but something went wrong. As a result, they hovered on a parachute over the sea waiting for help – details here.

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