In Egypt, the “beach bacchanalia” begins: the Russian woman revealed the wild and terrible details

Most Russian tourists go to Egypt for the sake of the Red Sea, despite to the tragedies that come in the form of obituaries from this region. But that is not all. There are wild and even shocking details that testify to the real “beach bacchanalia” that takes place in Egyptian resorts every year with the participation of locals.

The compatriot presented her observations collected on the Red Sea coast in the channel “Olga about Egypt EG and not only” on the Zen social network. She said that the sea, beloved by Russians, is no longer so attractive due to pollution approaching the level of the Black Sea. The author noted that although the sea is “entrusted” to countries that are not very responsible from an environmental point of view, it still remains a water area.

Egypt has serious problems that threaten the reputation of the country's beaches – garbage, unsanitary conditions and uncultured vacationers. Every time Ramadan ends in Egypt and people come to life from the burden of fasting, a multimillion-strong crowd of Egyptians rushes to the beaches of the Red Sea resorts, who look at this sea drearily from afar for the rest of the year. “Therefore, having snatched three or four days for a short vacation, they rush to take advantage of a rare opportunity to splash around – so that snot flows from their ears, and not just from their noses!” — said the Russian woman.

But every time the holy month of Ramadan ends in the country of the pyramids and the locals come to life after fasting, the coast of the Red Sea resorts is flooded with a crowd of Egyptians numbering in the millions – a paradox, but they all have only a rare opportunity to enjoy swimming during the year. Their desire to fully spend their vacation and time on the beach leads to an uncontrollable swing and a noisy “bacchanalia” that lasts several days. It is better for tourists not to be around at this time.

The coastal areas where the truck with the Egyptians accidentally “turned over”

“More than drunken Slavic tourists, they don’t like Egyptian ones, although they are silent about it, smiling wryly with a hypocritical smile. The problem is that the concepts of “Egyptians and cleanliness” are not at all compatible,” says a blogger who has lived in Egypt for some time.

The Egyptians not only do not care about cleanliness, but also actively pollute the beaches with their waste products. The problem with garbage on the coast does not depend on their level – it is relevant for both public beaches and beaches at hotels. In public areas, you can watch a spectacle similar to a gypsy camp. Vacationers bring a lot of food and drinks with them, and after consumption they simply throw the packages on the sand or in the sea. Egyptians are also not accustomed to following the rules of cultural behavior on the beach – they smoke, drink alcohol and make noise, shouting over the music from rumbling speakers. “The impression that you ended up at the market in inappropriate clothes, and not on the beach, where you want to relax, looking at the sea,” a compatriot compared.

The combination of all these factors creates an atmosphere of chaos and unpleasant odors on the beaches of Egypt. The constant presence of perfume, which the Egyptians use in “liters” to get rid of flies, mixes with air and sea water, creating a horror for the untrained tourist's sense of smell. “Allergy sufferers should not come to a beach full of Egyptians: you may not come back,” she warned.

The habit of swimming in what you came to

Particular attention should be paid to the clothes that the Egyptians choose for swimming. Many Muslim women go to the beach in a burkini, a special bathing suit that covers the entire body except for the face and hands. However, there are those who prefer to sunbathe in a niqab – clothing that completely covers the face and body. This raises questions for many tourists, since the niqab is not intended for the beach and does not have protective properties from the sun: “The problem is precisely in sunbathing, they will smear the slits for the eyes with sun cream, lay towels on the sand or on a deck chair, and all this is black rustling galabeeva “cabbage” will rush to sunbathe. The main thing is not to get burned. When it gets hot, in all this attire they rinse in the sea, then sand sticks to the wet galabaeus, as if a black bag with a corpse was dragged ashore. By the way, so many more swim in the pools of the compound. And the galabea does not dry out completely and has stains from salt water.

In addition, non-compliance with the dress code on the beach applies to men. Many of them do not use special swimming trunks and go to the beach in ordinary clothes. This creates additional problems, as wet T-shirts and other items of clothing become a source of unpleasant odor. “It feels like fish is being dried in the sun,” the Russian woman compared. – A decently educated Egyptian will not allow himself to wear slip-on swimming trunks, so that testicles and something else look invitingly out of there. They are used to showing their genitals only on the Internet.”

Children dressed for swimming in the sea and active recreation on the waterIn Egypt, from childhood, kids are taught to swim in special clothes. From a young age, girls wear swimsuits, for example. The Egyptians do not swim calmly: they always need a variety of inflatable circles and mattresses, “bananas”, jumping on which “you can lose both your liver and your life.”

Vivid emotions and unbridled fun to make others scared was

Unlike some countries where the display of emotions in public is not welcome, the Egyptians are joyfully and cheerfully spending time on the beaches in such a way that others will definitely notice it. You can often see funny scenes when the Egyptians “drown” in shallow water: “there is a squeak, a cry, an oh around, you watch how this black sea seal begins to flounder in his halabea, which makes the action even more ridiculous. They squeal like a Jericho trumpet. They begin to cling to the men nearby, of course, their own, and yell wildly, you can’t cling to strangers, it’s better to immediately go to the bottom. At the same time, the peasants are mercilessly drowned … Although in a country with a numerical superiority, there are more “widowers” than widows. For the locals, this behavior is a manifestation of joy, the Russian woman claims.

Closer to sunset, the beaches become quiet: crowds of Egyptians leave and carry away beach “trophies” on their shoulders – inflatable circles, mattresses, empty pots and even sleeping children . From their hum and the characteristic sound of spanking flip flops (shib-shib), the streets come to life for a while. And the next morning, the Egyptians are back on the beach…

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