In Egypt, there was a terrible accident: 10 tourists were killed

A terrible accident occurred in Egypt: 10 tourists died

Ten tourists died as a result of a terrible accident in southern Egypt last Wednesday. According to local media, among them are five Egyptians, four Frenchmen and one Belgian. It was not reported whether there were Russians on the bus.

The accident occurred early on Wednesday morning April 13: a tourist bus collided with a car on the highway between Aswan and the famous temple of Abu Simbel.
According to governor of the excursion city, there were many victims: fourteen travelers – eight French and six Belgians – were taken to the hospital “with broken bones, bruises and superficial injuries.” They are all in stable condition, the official said in a statement released by his office. Almost all passengers suffered burns, bruises and fractures – such information was told by a health official on condition of anonymity to local media.

Traffic accidents in Egypt are common. Many roads are in disrepair, and the rules are observed every other time. According to official figures, about 7,000 people died in an accident in the country of the pyramids in 2020.

Help: the great temples of Abu Simbel were not flooded, a rescue operation was organized, which became one of the largest international engineering and construction projects of the last century. The heritage sites were moved in the 1960s from their original location under the administration of then-President Gamal Abdel Nasser to make way for the construction of the Aswan High Dam.

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