In Egypt, they were afraid of a new pandemic: the minister urged not to panic

In Egypt, they were afraid of a new pandemic: the minister urged not to panic

The authorities of the third country after Turkey and Thailand, which once occupied the first place in receiving tourists – including from Russia – had to make a statement about “monkey pox” in order to calm the local population and the tourist industry. It's about Egypt. “The Ministry of Health and Population is closely monitoring the epidemiological situation with the virus, which has spread in several European countries,” the Pyramid country said. At the same time, the local Ministry of Health emphasized that no cases of smallpox were recorded in Egypt. Recall that earlier similar statements were made by the authorities of Turkey (details here) and Thailand (details here).

Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, a spokesman for the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population, specifically noted that the virus that causes monkeypox is very similar to the virus that causes smallpox, but it is less deadly and less transmissible. Monkeypox causes symptoms that include high fever and a rash, he added, and also does not spread easily, requiring direct contact between people and animals infected with the virus for long periods of time, making it unlikely to develop into a global pandemic like like Covid-19.

However, more than 100 cases have already been reported outside of Africa, where the disease is endemic. The World Health Organization held an emergency meeting to address the monkeypox outbreak after more than 100 cases were suspected in Europe. “This virus is endemic to some animal communities in a number of countries and occasionally causes an outbreak of this disease among local residents and travelers. But the recent outbreaks of this virus, which were monitored in 11 countries, are considered unusual because they were found in non-endemic countries,” the WHO noted.

What measures will be taken in Egypt has not yet been specified. However, in the country of the Pyramids, they are really afraid if international officials will again inflate the new disease into a pandemic: over the past two coronavirus years, Egypt has lost a lot of money due to the practically non-functioning tourism sector of the economy. And no one wants to repeat this experiment there.

Recall that Thailand has already created a special monitoring commission, and also identified risk groups – these are tourists from African countries, as well as sex tourists.

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