In Goa, they told about flights from Russia, but they found a replacement for Russian tourists

Goa was told about flights from Russia, but they found a replacement for Russian tourists

In October, flights from Russia to the resort of Goa you should not count, but in November you can hope for their return. In the meantime, Goa is trying to find an alternative to the Russians in the form of British tourists – although they have problems with a visa, as well as domestic Indian tourists. This assessment of the situation is voiced in the local media, making forecasts for the winter tourist season.

The tourist sector of the Indian resort in past years depended mainly on the UK and Russia, which supplied the most tourists. In the pre-Covid 2019 inbound tourists, the resort received 931,000 foreign tourists. During the pandemic, this number fell to 32,000. Domestic, by the way, arrived up to 7 million. At the same time, in the past, Russia supplied about 90,000 tourists, the UK – up to 50,000 in a season

“Now some flights canceled from Russia. However, we have hope that the situation will improve from November, ”the resort’s airport noted. According to the President of the Goa Travel and Tourism Association (TTAG) Nilesh Shah, from Russia they are ready to go to the resort and from November three charter flights a week will arrive in Goa.

British tourists have their own problems – in particular, with visas, but the resort counts on them. “If the visa issue is resolved, it will be good for the tourism industry,” said Chief Minister Pramod Sawant. In this case, he said, the number of flights should increase from one to five. As a result, the British are counted on as an alternative to the Russians, who accounted for 35-40% of the resort's audience.

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