In Hurghada, the topic of sharks has again become aggravated: the authorities decided to act radically

The shark issue has escalated again in Hurghada: the authorities decided to act radically

The authorities intend to solve the situation with sharks in Hurghada radically – and put up anti-shark barriers throughout the resort coast. This, according to ATOR, was announced by Major General Amr Hanafi, the Governor of the Red Sea, who suggested installing protective nets along the entire beach area as a precaution. True, environmentalists doubt the effectiveness of this measure, and in parallel with this, a more expensive project is being developed to “chip” all sharks and track their movements using sensors. In the meantime, tourists are offered lists of hotels that everything is in order with nets against sharks.

“In Egypt, they are very concerned about the recent tragic incident with a shark attack on a Russian, and now it is the strengthening of security measures that is being discussed at all levels,” experts emphasize, referring to the radical decision of the authorities to put up fences along the entire resort coast. Recall that the last tragic and terrible attack of a shark, the victim of which was a Russian, actually happened on the city beach. Read more at this link.

At the same time, representatives of the Egyptian Institute of Oceanography in the resorts opposed. According to their estimates, algae are collected on the nets, which feed on fish, which in turn attract marine predators, and in the first place – sharks. In return, ecologists have offered to “chip” the most dangerous sharks. The already approved pilot project is divided into two stages, at the first stage they will develop a methodology and determine which species of sharks and predators of what sizes need to be monitored – most likely we will talk about predators more than 3 meters long. At the second stage, sharks will be caught and sensors will be installed on them, after which they will be observed for several months. The third stage includes the analysis of the data collected by the sensors in different time periods. Obviously, this process will not be fast

Meanwhile, as tour operators report, security measures on the beaches of Hurghada have been strengthened, in particular, additional rescue services have been deployed. Tourists are encouraged to swim only within certain safe areas on the beaches and to engage in sea sports also in safe areas with certified guides.

Recall that earlier tour operators have compiled for tourists lists of safe hotels in Hurghada, where there are nets from sharks. So, such a list was presented by the specialists of the tour operator TEZ Tour. There are currently twenty hotels on the list:

  1. Albatros White Beach Resort
  2. Albatros Blu Spa
  3. Albatros Palace Resort Hurghada
  4. Albatros Jungle Aqua Park By Neverland
  5. Alf Leila Wa Leila By Neverland
  6. Water Valley By Neverland
  7. Albatros Beach Club Abu Soma
  8. Beach Albatros Resort Hurghada
  9. Dana Beach Resort
  10. Desert Rose Resort Hurghada
  11. Grand Seas By Sunrise (Ex. Protels Grand Seas Resort)
  12. Mirage Resort & Aquapark
  13. Mercure Hurghada
  14. Rixos Premium Magawish
  15. Labranda Club Makadi Makady Bay
  16. Labranda Royal Makadi Makady Bay
  17. Steigenberger Al Dau
  18. Steigenberger Aqua Magic Hotel
  19. Sunrise Holidays
  20. Swiss Inn Resort Hurghada

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