In Hurghada, tourists staged a massacre and defeated the hotel restaurant with chairs

In Hurghada, tourists staged a massacre and smashed the hotel restaurant with chairs

An Egyptian resort hotel in Hurghada became the site of a massive massacre of tourists resting there. The guests staged a fight with the help of chairs, as a result of which the hotel restaurant was destroyed. Eyewitnesses recorded what was happening on video phones and published it on social networks. This was reported by the Egyptian edition of Ahlmasrnews.

The video, which originally appeared last Saturday, and a new “portion” of records from the scene – only on Monday evening, caused a wide response. The footage shows how two groups of people, some of whom were dressed in pajamas, enter into a fierce fight: the men threw chairs at each other, and the guests, who became involuntary witnesses of the showdown, ran out of the establishment in a panic. At some point, the situation got out of control, and as a result, not the “fighters” themselves suffered the most, but the catering establishment: glass facades were broken, furniture and utensils were damaged. At the same time, the participants of the pogrom escaped with minor injuries. Employees also got it – they also have minor injuries. It was clarified that the administration did not call the police, the conflict was regulated by reconciliation of the parties.

Local media did not mention the nationality of the tourists who staged a massacre at the hotel. However, given the recent geopolitical events, it is quite possible that our neighbors and the Russians sorted things out. Recall that skirmishes between Russian tourists and tourists from Ukraine in Egypt occur on a regular basis both on excursions and directly in hotels.

As it was later explained on social networks, the reason for this fight was some disagreement between travelers who did not share numbers. The exchange of insults and mutual “attacks” escalated into a physical clash.

A few days earlier, a similar fight broke out in a cafe at the same resort. The participants in the “showdown” were young people who did not share the burger. The building also suffered significant damage as a result of the incident. There was no information about the nationalities of the tourists who fought.

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