In Italy, spoke about the rebuff to Russian tourists

In Italy, they told about the rebuff to Russian tourists

In Italy, they can understand the call of the President of Ukraine to “rebuff” Russian tourists, but they are not going to follow it. This assessment of the situation was officially voiced in an interview with RIA Novosti by the head of the tourist destination of the trade association Confcommercio Alberto Corti.

Let us explain that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, among his numerous speeches, called on the Italian authorities to close entry into the country for Russian tourists. Moreover, he addressed this call to different countries. But after Turkey clearly ignored this call, Italy listened to it. “Russian tourists need to be culturally rebuffed so they know they are not welcome,” Volodymyr Zelenskyy said. Tourists, from his point of view, are to blame for the fact that “they are silent, but support the political leadership.”

As a result, in Italy they talked about the rebuff to Russian tourists: this call looks like political pressure, Mr. Corti said in response, and also disagrees with the principles by which the tourism industry operates. He recalled that tourism not only supports the Italian economy, but also represents a meeting place and additional opportunities “to connect and work on the world.” “On the one hand, this proposal is understandable. But from the point of view of tourism, it is strange, because we have always worked in the opposite direction, being a point of attraction for everyone in a positive way,” said Mr. Corti.

We add that although Italy is closed for our flights , like the whole of Europe, nevertheless, the country does not refuse tourist visas to tourists from Russia. And tour operators successfully deliver Italian lovers via Istanbul, Belgrade and Dubai.

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