In Italy, tourists knocked down a valuable statue, climbing into a fountain

In Italy, tourists knocked down a valuable statue by climbing into a fountain

The pursuit of tourists for a valuable shot knows no bounds. For example, the other day, a group of young foreign tourists knocked down a valuable statue of Domina – the creation of the legendary sculptor Enrico Butti – when they tried to take a selfie in order to later publish spectacular pictures on social networks. The incident took place at Villa Alceo, located in the city of Vigiu in northern Italy.

According to Reuters, a large group of German tourists rented a holiday villa. Last Monday, two climbed into the fountain to hug the 150-year-old statue, and a third pushed it with a stick, causing the sculpture, which was worth approximately 200,000 euros (more than 20 million rubles at the current exchange rate) before the fall, to fall, partly crashed and damaged the tiles in the fountain. The incident was caught on surveillance cameras.

The manager of the villa, Bruno Golferini, when he learned about the incident, filed a complaint with the local police against all 17 tourists who were resting in the building. However, it will now be extremely difficult to bring them to justice, because. they left Italy immediately after the incident.

This incident, devastating to culture and art, alas, is not the first in Italy. In June of this year, another tourist became the object of public outrage after he scribbled “Ivan+Haley 23” on the wall of the Colosseum in Rome with keys – read more here.

Help: Enrico's work Butti are located in the Duomo and in the monumental cemetery of Milan, as well as in other public places in the metropolis. In addition, his creations are presented in St. Petersburg (for example, a bust of the circus rider Ciniselli) and Düsseldorf.

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