In Phuket there was a tragedy with a Russian tourist

A tragedy occurred with a Russian tourist in Phuket

A tragedy occurred with a Russian tourist in the Thai resort of Phuket. Another Russian has been the victim of a safety violation by drowning on Surin Beach in Thalang, Phuket.

According to the Thai media, the Russian drowned because he ignored clear warnings about the danger on the beach – bright red flags signaling about bathing ban. “It has been publicly stated that swimming on the beach is prohibited due to dangerous conditions. The place of the tragedy was marked with bright red flags set up by diligent rescuers,” the media assures.

As a result, the rescuers pulled the tourist out of the water and urgently performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The tourist was quickly taken to a local hospital, but his life could not be saved. Later, the tourist police of Phuket revealed the identity of the deceased – he turned out to be 41-year-old Russian citizen Alexander Yu. The resort authorities are discussing “effective strategies” designed to get tourists to follow safety precautions.

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