In Sharm el-Sheikh raider seizures of famous hotels began

Raider seizures of famous hotels began in Sharm el-Sheikh

Hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh that have reopened in recent months have started to turn down international hotel brands that are offering to sign new contracts with them to rent and manage their hotels. The reason is the fear of raider attacks by scammers who act under the names of these brands, assuring that they are managers of branches of these foreign companies in Egypt.

According to the Egyptian media, a number of similar cases have already been discovered when unknown persons declared their affiliation with large foreign management companies and offered hotel owners to conclude contracts for the management of their hotels, after which they tried to seize the property. So, one of the articles mentions the famous luxury brand Hyatt. By the way, this brand left Russia as part of Western sanctions.

A fortunate situation has arisen for the scammers as most of the international hotel and resort management companies are now actively working to reopen their operations in Egypt after a period of business freeze for almost two years due to the pandemic and accumulated losses. Also returning are branches of international “Arab and foreign” restaurant companies representing international brands such as Al Shaya, Starbucks and Fry Days, operating in cafes and international tourist restaurants. They have decided to get back to work in Egyptian resorts, in particular hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurghada and Marsa Alam.

Foreign hotel brands are currently rushing to conclude new contracts with Egyptian hotels after The influx of tourists to Egypt began to grow rapidly. And during this period, according to the Egyptian media, just the scammers became more active.

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