In Thailand, the “hunt for new witches” begins: some tourists will be marked with a QR code

The Thai authorities have designated another method of dealing with the outbreak in Europe of a new infection – monkeypox: having hardly opened after covid, the country begins a new “witch hunt”. Tourists from “unfavorable” countries will now have to fill out a special health declaration upon arrival in the kingdom and receive a special QR code upon completion.

What the restrictions will be has not yet been specified. So far, Thai officials have explained to local media that the QR code “will contain information about symptoms and how to report them while in Thailand. Anyone who is believed to be a carrier of the virus will be given advice on where to seek treatment.” Recall that Thai officials consider the risk zone not only to visitors from Central and West Africa, but also tourists from the UK, Spain and Portugal, where cases have been identified, as well as sex tourists, since it has already been established that the virus is transmitted through sexual contact.< /p>

The Department of Disease Control and Prevention said tourists “arriving with possible symptoms of monkeypox” would be taken to a hospital for testing. However, doctors add, visible signs of infection, such as a rash and spots that turn into blisters and then scabs, may not appear during the incubation period. “This means that infected people can still undergo a medical examination at the airport and enter Thailand,” officials said, justifying the surveillance of tourists from “unsafe” countries.

It is also stated that airport officials will conduct thorough screening of people arriving from countries with monkeypox outbreaks. Early symptoms of monkeypox include fever, headache, body aches, swollen lymph nodes, and chills. In Russia, we note that no cases have been recorded yet.

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