In the Czech Republic, the main attractions disappear en masse, for which tourists go there

In the Czech Republic, the main sights for which tourists go there are disappearing en masse

The “main sights” for which tourists went there are disappearing en masse in the Czech Republic. This information was published in Yandex.Zen by a “local” Russian blogger. At the same time, he noted that we are not talking about museums, castles, of which there are more than 2.5 thousand in the Czech Republic, and other unique buildings. We are talking about the very symbol of the Czech Republic, for which most tourists go there.

“There is another type of sights that tourists must visit. And some of your favorite places you may miss next time. Moreover, for obvious reasons, it is not expected in the near future. Over the past 5 years, 2,000 pubs and restaurants have disappeared from the Czech map,” the blogger explained his “alarm signal”. True, he added that this is only 5% of the total number of establishments, but dry statistics should not be trusted here – and here's why. “The trouble is that it’s not McDucks with KFC that are closing. Those that could be called the gastronomic face of the country are leaving. What we loved so much were restaurants with traditional Czech cuisine,” the blogger explained.

Among the reasons for the decline was the previous government, which introduced electronic registration of sales and a ban on smoking. However, according to the blogger, the first reason was “a two-year lockdown, which was interrupted for a short time” – it could really undermine the life of small family establishments. Despite the fact that in the Czech Republic this was extremely ruinous for them – on Thursday, for example, they announced permission on Saturday to open an institution for visitors in compliance with sanitary measures related to covid, after which the owners hastily bought food and “call” the staff, and on the night of On Friday, they again announced a ban on the opening of catering establishments in connection with the alleged outbreak of covid – as a result, the owners were left “to cry and eat food that will be gone tomorrow”, and then they had to announce the sale of the establishment in order to pay off their loans. And so for two years.

But only managed to breathe after the pandemic – when another misfortune came. The Czech Republic “shot itself in the foot” and entered the front ranks of the Russophobic EU countries. The result is easy to guess. “Tourists filling pubs and restaurants from a forbidden country are no longer to be expected. The government has announced sanctions. Moreover, thanks to all the same sanctions, an increase in energy prices descended, followed by high inflation in general.

“This situation concerns not only Prague. The main losses fall on the regions of the country. But these are not just regions, these are resort areas. Our people also went there, some to the waters, some to go skiing in the winter, ”explains the blogger. As a result, the reduction in the number of restaurants that stopped in 2021 is gaining momentum again. At the same time, traditional Czech “pivnitsa” are often remade by the new owner. “The number of restaurants that specialize in traditional Czech and Old Bohemian cuisine is decreasing. In their place, stationary kiosks with fast food, small eateries and coffee houses appear. That is, those places that they spend 10-15 minutes on and run further. It's a pity. It’s a pity,” the blogger writes.

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