In the popular resort city of Europe, a state of emergency was introduced due to hunger

A state of emergency has been declared in a popular European resort town due to famine

The British resort on the English Channel, known since Victorian times – the city of Eastbourne, may become the first city in the UK to declare a state of emergency (state of emergency) and introduce a living wage due to famine. And such an extraordinary situation arose in a popular resort town, where, it would seem, money for vacationers can be made literally out of thin air… This information was published by the British Independent.

The city has set an unhappy record for a record number of residents turning to food banks for help to survive. Last year, the newspaper writes, Eastbourne Foodbank issued 17,440 emergency food packages per 100,000 people, which is the highest figure in the UK. And this year, the situation is unlikely to improve, said city council member Josh Babarinde. He is confident that declaring a state of emergency will help Eastbourne City Council work more effectively with charities.

The point is that the population of the resort, “built by gentlemen for gentlemen” back in the 60s of the 19th century, is rapidly aging in the 21st century. And all economic difficulties fall upon the “city of the elderly”. According to the mayor, many older people are forced to choose between food and paying bills due to electricity bills, and as a result they are left without “their only companion” – the TV.

“This decision should serve as a “wake-up call” for the government of Boris Johnson. Urgent action is needed on the part of the authorities – they must understand that this crisis has turned into an emergency due to our inaction,” the mayor says.

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