In Turkey, 2 gastronomic attractions will be opened for tourists, from which the heart goes to the heels

Two gastronomic attractions will open for tourists in Turkey, from which the heart sinks into the heels

Two gastronomic attractions for extreme people plans to open in Turkey. Not everyone is able to dine with appetite at a height of 55 meters above the ground in a room with transparent walls. This is the attraction that will be offered to tourists in Cappadocia and Istanbul.

The concept of the SkyDinner attraction, which is described by the Turkish press, was created by an inventor and Belgian entrepreneur, head of Dorak Tourism. It is currently used in 67 countries – and has now arrived in Turkey.

As explained by Serdar Körükçu, owner of Dorak Turizm in Turkey, the attraction will look like this: “We are bringing the Skydinner concept that I saw in Dubai , to Turkey. Imagine a glazed table that is lifted up to 55 meters with the help of a crane. Tourists eat behind it, enjoying the view of the city. The morning starts with breakfast, lunch, five-hour tea and dinner are possible,” the Turkish entrepreneur said. He also added that all permits have been obtained and described the proposed route of the attraction.

“First we will bring it to Cappadocia. It will be the most popular attraction after hot air balloons. Then we will transport him to Istanbul. There we also received permission to install it in Harbie, next to the cable car. We also plan to bring Skydinner to Antalya,” the entrepreneur said.

The price of attending such a dinner will be $ 200, including food. According to the organizers, it is not that expensive – in Dubai, this service costs $500.

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