In Turkey, outraged sky-high prices at the airport for Russian tourists

Turkey is indignant at exorbitant airport prices for Russian tourists

The “main hub” on the transfer route of Russian tourists from Russia to Europe decided to earn extra money on Russian tourists, and in the most shameless way. So much so that even in Turkey they were indignant at the exorbitant prices at this airport for passengers. Turkish tourism media have recorded that the transit service for Russian tourists at Istanbul Airport began to compete with the cost of the air tickets themselves.

According to the information they provided, only the prices for VIP-lounge services offered to Russian passengers flying to Europe through Istanbul airport, have become comparable to the cost of air tickets. The cost of this service per person is more than 26 thousand rubles (or 325 US dollars).

But this is not the limit – prices for some complex tariffs for transit services start from 40 thousand rubles. The service includes meeting passengers, access to the VIP lounge, escort to the exit, quick passport control and baggage claim if necessary.

Let us remind you that ordinary tourists traveling only to Antalya were previously advised to forget about the word “cheap” in relation to Turkey, and also not to buy anything at the airport. Prices in the Antalya air harbor are prohibitive – not only for food, which is partly expected, but also for other needs. “Snacking at the airport has become golden. Washed apple for 2 Euro, washed banana – the same price. In rubles today, 170 rubles, everywhere the exchange rate of the Central Bank is 1 Euro = 85.92, ”the blogger explained. A bottle of mineral water will cost 4 euros, coffee – 8 euros, soda or orange juice – 6 euros. Also, tourists are not advised to purchase a “sim card with the Internet” immediately upon arrival at the airport, and in duty-free prices “bite”. Read more at this link.

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