In Turkey, people refuse to stay in hotels for one reason: people settle in tents and car trailers

In Turkey, people refuse to stay in hotels for one reason: people settle in tents and car trailers

Tents and car trailers, not hotels, are the real choice of vacationers in Turkey in the SUMMER 2023 season, because. prices for holidays in Turkish hotels hit the pockets of tourists, forcing them to look for alternative accommodation options. This was reported by the Turkish edition of Turizm Guncel.

Resting in Turkish hotels has become expensive even for the former middle class. The increase in the cost of hotel accommodation is caused by rising costs, an increase in foreign exchange prices and inflation, which forced many not to deny themselves the pleasure of relaxing, but to reconsider a costly item of expenditure – renting hotel rooms. The economic imbalance has made the rest in hotels inaccessible for a significant part of the tourists. This year, hotel prices have reached a critical level. In addition, the decline in purchasing power has significantly reduced the number of potential hotel customers.

Kepming and its outdoor equipment instead of a hotel

Tent camps and car trailers, which were previously in demand mainly among students, turned out to be very popular this season among the middle class. According to Ali Can Polat, the statistics eloquently convey the current situation: the occupancy of tented camps has exceeded 80%, while the occupancy of hotels does not exceed 50%.

Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy emphasized that foreign tourists, who previously could easily spend $10-30 thousand for a week-long vacation for two in hotels, now prefer to buy the necessary equipment with this money, including mobile homes, rather than staying in hotels. This created additional problems for hoteliers, as the cost of such a vacation became unaffordable for many foreign tourists. The problem is the same for all – declining purchasing power has forced them to look for more economical ways to spend their holidays.

Turkish campsite officials highlighted the growing interest in alternative forms of accommodation during the holidays. Among the new clients, the organizers notice more and more “white collars”. Some campgrounds are closed until October. For example, this is the case with campsites on the Aegean coast.

The format of eating has also changed. Vacationers are now forced to cook their own meals to save on expenses. At the same time, campsites are still really considered a budget alternative to resort hotels. However, the organizers of such holiday destinations are sounding the alarm: due to the increase in the cost of fuel and taxes, they will also have to raise the price of accommodation. “Prices for tents ranged from 1,800 to 29,000 in ruble terms. Compared to previous years, our outdoor cooking products have become a strong sales force. Given the price of food and drink, especially outdoors in resort areas, people set up camp and cook for themselves. However, when we raised the prices of goods, interest began to decline,” said Mustafa Ekinci, manager of Perkamp camping goods store.

Vacation in trailers to buy real estate

p>The Camping and Caravan Association of Turkey said interest in car trailers is on the rise due to their cost-effectiveness. Vice President Oguz Tokalak emphasized that trailers have become an alternative to traditional hotels. He also noted the growing demand for RV accommodation in resort areas, where tourists leave their RVs right on the side of the road. in the purchase of real estate. A new trend is buying car trailers instead of renting traditional rooms and bungalows. Oğuz Tokalak, vice president of the Turkish Camping and Mobile Home Association, stressed that economic considerations have been the main driving force behind this trend. The desire to save on accommodation and provide a more flexible and independent lifestyle has led to an increase in demand for car trailers. This has also resulted in a shortage of camping sites, requiring plans to create additional sites for campers in resort areas.

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