In Turkey, received data on rising prices for hotels that shocked everyone: in some resorts, price tags soared by 200%

In Turkey, received data on rising hotel prices, which shocked everyone: in some resorts, price tags soared by 200%

Prices in Turkish hotels “soared” by an average of 128%, and in some provinces, price increases go over 200%. This analysis was provided by experts from the Turkish hotel and villa search platform Sı

The analysis is based on price changes in the same type of room, and more than 4,000 hotels in various provinces of the country were compared. As a result, it turned out that, on average, hotel prices rose by 128% from December 2021 to December 2022. But there are also record holders.

Thus, the average cost of a room in the studied objects increased from 593 Turkish liras to 1351 Turkish lira (i.e. from 2.3 thousand rubles to 5.2 thousand). The record holder was the resort province of Mugla, where the average room rate soared by 236%. Of the cities popular with Russians, Istanbul also got into the top 3 – there this figure is 157%.

At the same time, Black Sea resorts, little known to Russians, like Sinop, suffered less. Ski resorts have not raised prices much either.

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