In Turkey, they calculated and realized that they receive half as much from a tourist as competitors

In Turkey, they calculated and realized that they receive half as much from a tourist as competitors

Turkey, one of the most popular holiday destinations, which received 16.3 million foreign tourists in the first half of 2022, calculated that it received half the income per holidaymaker than its competitors in Spain. At the same time, the profit from the Turkish tourism sector exceeded the figures for the pre-Covid 2019.

Spain, which has seen a slower recovery in visitor numbers compared to Turkey, is also experiencing a faster normalization of tourism sector revenues, according to tourism revenue data for the 9-month period 2022 released by the Turkish Statistical Office.

€162 (RUB 9,900) in Spain versus $89 (RUB 5,500) in Turkey

It appears that the resorts of the European country, whose number of visitors from January to September of this year reached only 83% of the tourist flow that existed before the pandemic, showed the best results in tourism revenue. So, the profit from this area for the indicated period in the country in the Pyrenees amounted to 68 billion 137 million euros – this is 92.3% of the income for the same period of pre-Covid 2019. Then the annual profit of the country reached 73.8 billion euros. Thus, the average daily expenses of each tourist who visited Spain amounted to 162 euros (about 9.900 rubles), and the average cost of a tourist for 9 months was 1.219 euros (about 75 thousand rubles), while the average cost of an overnight stay was 9.25 euros ( RUB 563).

On the other hand, Turkey, which has shown high levels of tourist attendance this year, reported that from the beginning of the year to September inclusive, it received 95% of tourists from the same pre-Covid volume in 2019. At the same time, it noticeably lost to competitive Spain in terms of profitability.

According to data published by the Turkish Statistical Office, as a result of a change in the calculation method, the republic received tourism income in the amount of $32 billion in 9 months of 2022. For comparison: in 2019, the profit was $26.6 billion – the figure, despite inflation, grew by 31.5%.

In terms of the costs of one tourist, it turns out that on average in Turkey in the first quarter each vacationer spent $ 1.017 (about 63 thousand rubles), in the second quarter – $ 881 (54 thousand rubles) in the third – only $ 855. It turns out that the average daily expenses per tourist amounted to only $89 (5,500 rubles).

Experts attribute the financial ailment of the Turkish tourism sector to the peculiarities of doing business in the republic. Despite the fact that Turkey is rich in natural and cultural attractions, many vacationers come exclusively to Antalya, Istanbul or Bodrum. Other Turkish regions are not developing as rapidly as the top three, although their potential is also great. In recent years, the authorities have taken up the development and popularization of their Black Sea resorts.

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