In Turkey, they stated a failure with Russian tourists

In Turkey, they declared a failure with Russian tourists

In Turkey, they stated a failure with Russian tourists – starting from May, the speed of sales began to slow down. As a result, Turkish experts said they would consider it a success if Turkey reaches the level of last year. At the same time, they again promote the theme of “houses for rent.” They are considered the reason for the outflow of Russian tourists.

“We started well in the first 3 months of 2023, but May did not continue at the same speed, especially in the Russian market. There was an improvement in the Russian market in June, but the results are still lagging behind 2019,” said Firuz Baglıkaya, President of the Turkish Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB). At the same time, there is still no alternative to the Russian market in Turkey.

“In 2019, Turkey accepted 7 million across Russia in 2019, and in Antalya we saw figures of 6 million. The figure that we considered successful for Antalya last year was 3.5 million Russian tourists. This year, if 3.5 million Russians come again, we will consider ourselves successful,” added Kaan Kavaloglu, President of the Mediterranean Association of Tourist Hoteliers and Operators (AKTOB). He blamed “economic difficulties in Russia” for the drop in Russian tourist traffic, as well as the fact that Russian tourists, who have stayed many times in local hotels and know Antalya, are staying in houses for rent this year.

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