In Turkey, they talked about 3 habits of Russian tourists that shock the locals

Turkey told about 3 habits of Russian tourists that shock locals

About three habits of Russian tourists in Turkey that shock locals, said a travel blogger on her channel in Yandex.Zen. In her words, every trip she tries to “get to know the culture better, there was also the mentality” of the locals, so “the trip to Turkey turned out to be not quite touristic.” She not only chose the resort of Izmir, which is not very popular among Russians, but also settled not in a hotel, but in the family of a Turk who rents rooms to tourists.

He said that his blogger is not the first Russian. And also, according to the tourist, the landlord Bora (that's his name) told, “what habits of the Russian people have always shocked him, which you will not find in other people.” So let's list them:

  1. Even on vacation, they prefer to eat Russian food: according to the blogger, the Turk told her the following. “When guests from Russia move in, the first thing they ask is grocery stores where you can buy Russian food: buckwheat, oatmeal, sour cream, cottage cheese, milk, condensed milk and other products. They are looking for it all over the city, so that they can cook it for breakfast later. But why? Turkish cuisine is very tasty and varied.” At the same time, the Russian woman herself said that she wanted to ask the owner about the same, but did not have time. She also urged tourists to “enjoy the local cuisine, especially Turkish, where all the products are fresh, of high quality and at the same time very cheap.”
  2. Bathing in November, December and even January. And again, the blogger quotes the owner of the apartment: “I understand that the climate of Turkey and Russia is radically different, many Russians live in cities where there is a lot of snow, and the temperature in winter drops to -40 degrees. This is probably why the water in the sea now seems warm to them, because they bathe in the morning, when the air is only +20, we won’t even wet our feet in such a cold, but at least you have something. According to the tourist, she herself plans to sunbathe and swim at a temperature of +20 outside and the same in the water.
  3. Hospitality. And a pleasant shock. “I have not yet met another such good-natured people as the Russian people. Every Russian tourist, leaving me, invites me to visit, assures me that I must definitely visit you in Russia, ”said the owner of the hotel. At the same time, as the blogger writes, “his surprise is due to the fact that the people who invite him to visit do not live with him for free, but rent a room, and his name is just like a comrade or even a friend.” The Turk assured the blogger that sooner or later he would accept the invitation, “although there are many things in our people that shock him.”

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