In Turkey, they told when the ski season will begin at the resorts

Turkey told when the ski season will start in the resorts

The season in the ski resorts of Turkey should officially begin in mid-December. Most of the ski resorts and hotels have already reported on their readiness, as well as the fact that they are especially counting on the demand from Russian tourists. Moreover, there are already bookings from Russia, they say.

So, the first snow has already been “met” at the Uludag resort. The preparation of hotels and other facilities with a capacity of about 5,000 beds in Uludag, where Russian tourists are expected, has been completed. As one of the owners of the hotel, Haluk Beseren, said, there are “great expectations” from the Russians and there are already reservations. The second expected category of foreigners are tourists from Arab countries who “also learned to ski.” Separately, representatives of the resort emphasize that its strength is its proximity to Istanbul, which means ease of delivery and the possibility of a combined holiday. Last year, about 2 million tourists visited the Uludag resort.

The season is expected to start at the Palandoken resort on December 15th. Tourists from Iran, Russia, Azerbaijan and even “some European countries” are named among the main foreign markets. The resort is ready to offer tourists 20 hotels with a capacity of 4,000 beds.

In the resort of Erciyes, which is known for its snow, “which never sticks to the skis,” the season will open in mid-December. Tourists are waiting for 13 hotels with a capacity of about 2000 beds, 19 different ski lifts with a capacity of 27 thousand people per hour and 41 tracks with a length of 30 kilometers. It is expected that the ski resort will be visited by 3 million people. By the way, they are also counting on charter flights from Russia and Poland.

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