In Turkey, tourists have found a way to escape from the suffocating heat, combining it with benefit

In Turkey, tourists have found a way to escape from the suffocating heat, combining it with benefits

An original way to escape from the suffocating heat, while receiving informative excursion and other benefits found by tourists in Turkey. According to tnNEWS, excursions to the cave cities of the famous “excursion” province of Cappadocia have become in mass demand.

“Places such as Derinkuyu, Kaymakli, Ozkonak, Tatlarin, Mazi and Kayasehir among the many underground cities of Cappadocia have become the main attractions for tourists in recent days,” the newspaper writes. Tourists heading to the underground cities in Nevsehir, where the temperature exceeds 35 degrees Celsius, simultaneously explore the labyrinth of tunnels and rooms that bear traces of historical civilizations, go on a historical journey and at the same time escape from the oppressive heat.

“Underground cities, carved into the rock tens of meters underground, provide coolness in summer and warmth in winter,” said Ozai Onur, president of the Nevsehir Tourist Guides Chamber. According to him, inside the cave cities, the temperature is kept within 16-18 degrees all year round, with a kind of “air-conditioned”, which contributes to the fact that tourists are very comfortable here.

He also explained that the underground cities date back to 1800 BC. “We know that these areas were used as a place of escape during wars in past civilizations. Now the buildings, carved out of tuff, create a cool atmosphere for visitors and save from the heat,” he added.

Tourists leave favorable reviews. Thus, the Chinese tourist Chen Gong said that it is especially pleasant to visit underground cities at noon: “We came here because it is cool here after walking in open areas. Cappadocia is a very beautiful place. I recommend everyone to visit this geographical area.” Indian Rajesh Narang was also delighted, saying that he experienced different seasons on the same day: “Walking through these caves is a wonderful feeling. Cappadocia is an invaluable place in hot weather, we can experience both hot and cold. It's nice to know that such a region exists on our planet.” American Anderson Morris also appreciated how underground cities are naturally conditioned, which contrasts with the hot weather outside, and stated that he enjoys traveling underground.

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