Increasing monsoon combined with a cyclone and waves of more than 2 meters: in Thailand, tourists were offered shelter from danger

Intensifying monsoon combined with a cyclone and waves over 2- x meters: in Thailand, tourists were offered shelter from danger

The rainy season continues to present unpleasant surprises to tourists in Thailand – the monsoon, combined with a cyclone, brings heavy rains with the threat of flooding, at sea – waves of more than 2 meters and storms. As a result, tourists are advised to “shelter from danger.” Such statements are published by the Thai press, citing the Thai Meteorological Department (TMD).

A total of 47 provinces – including the main tourist ones – “may face potentially dangerous situations,” meteorologists warn. The forecast for the next couple of days almost throughout the country promises heavy rains, they will be the strongest in the northern and northeastern regions of the country.

Meteorologists from TMD attributed this increase in rainfall to the interaction of the southwest monsoon that crosses Myanmar and enters the northern region of Thailand, moving towards a “pocket” of low atmospheric pressure in Laos and North Vietnam. It is “supported” by the southwest monsoon, which intensifies over the Andaman Sea, Thailand and the Gulf of Thailand. “When these phenomena converge over Thailand, they will lead to increased rainfall and more heavy rainfall in some parts of the country, especially in the east. It is predicted that there will be intense rainfall at altitudes in the north and northeast of the country. This could cause flash floods,” meteorologists warned.

As mentioned, trouble is expected in almost all provinces. Thus, the island of Phuket, popular with Russians, expects “increased thunderstorm activity on 60% of the territory.” At sea, waves from 1 to 2 meters are expected, and in the event of a thunderstorm they will exceed 2 meters, as well as a strong evening. So the weather is clearly not conducive to a beach holiday.

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